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Parable Of The Dancer/The Pursuit of Grace - Cast Version - CD - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Parable Of The Dancer/The Pursuit of Grace - Cast Version - CD - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD
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Sale Price: $10.98

Parable Of The Dancer/The Pursuit of Grace - Cast Version - CD - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Product Description:

This version is for download only

If you’ve ever been seduced and disillusioned by a world that is not always what it appears to be...

If you’ve ever wished to be loved unconditionally...

If you ever imagined grace as pure and transparent as light, pursuing you, calling you, captivating you...

If you ever thought you heard an ancient, familiar voice call your name and turned and paused to listen, then why not listen now...

This wonderful CD is now accompanied by Dancer 2/The Bride and Dancer 3/River Rising - As they walked together, the lady and her unseen Shepherd, she learned to hear His voice and to sense the yearning of His heart.  She followed Him back to the Carnival City.  As He called out to the captive dancers, she spoke His Word.  He reached out, she became His hands.  In pouring out her life as a servant of the Shepherd, she discovered that she is really His Bride. 

Wil Bozeman, 
Founder of Wesley Scott Amos Ministries 

One of the songs on this CD is played on Lynn's DVD, Praise, Worship & Flags, as well as on the Modern Dance I DVD, which may easily be found in the related items section below. 

When approaching a project like Parable of the Dancer / The Pursuit of Grace from the producer's chair, one of the immediate and profound pleasures is the musical diversity.  The CD opens with “Shepherd's Theme,” a haunting melody invoking Riverdance or a Celtic folk group playing on a star lit Irish hillside.

Soon, the narrator takes us on a journey through a meadow, into the Carnival City and the music is transformed into a more rock based anthem.  “Suite: Finally Free” takes the listener into the heart of the story in a rock opera setting that is constantly revisited throughout the CD. At the heart of all of the music is an acoustic bed supported by different rhythmic textures, depending on the narrative.  Some tracks were left in a folk style acoustic guitar simplicity while others employed a variety of ethnic instruments to support the guitar bed.  Elements of rock, blues, jazz and bluegrass each take their turn supporting the storytelling and draw the listener into the individual settings.

I think you will find a unique and entertaining blend of many different musical elements as you listen to the tale spun by Wesley Scott Amos. A true delight to be sure!!!!

Howard Helm, Producer
Summer 2009


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