Class Descriptions

Taught by Lynn M. Hayden and occasionally her graduates from the DFH School.

This page shows a complete list of classes that are typically taught during conferences. Depending on the amount of time allotted during the event, and by the leading of the Holy Spirit, we may teach a couple or all of them. The topics to be taught will be listed in the specific conference advertisement and then the exact schedule will be given at the door.

All classes will be taught in one room with all the participants. This way, everyone gets to participate in all the classes given.

You do not already have to know how to dance to learn. All skill levels are welcome!

Be prepared and come with an open heart for God to touch you miraculously (even during some of the classes).


Each morning we will begin with a time of worship where we will do some easy to follow movements, experiment with flags & cloths, etc. Sometimes Lynn will sculpt the entire group of participants into a creative collage, like a tapestry of worship. It is a great way to start the day. Be sure to be in the conference room bright and early! You may learn more about this topic in the book or DVD here.


After our worship time, we will exercise our spirit, soul, and body with aerobic type, faster paced movements. We will pull down strong holds, do damage to the kingdom of darkness, and warm up our muscles. You may learn more about this topic in the book or DVD here.


On certain mornings, we will do a modern dance class. Based on Martha Graham technique, Lynn has developed her own style that is easy to follow, fun, and challenging for all skill levels. You may learn more about this topic in the book or DVD here.


One morning (depending on the length of the event), we may do some very basic ballet steps or combine a bit of ballet movement with the Modern class (depending on time). Although we love expressing and "flowing", ballet is a great foundation of movement technique that improves your posture, poise, strength, flexibility, grace, and balance. It also gives your muscles a longer, leaner appearance. You may learn more about this topic in the book or DVD here.


5 yard billow cloths can be beautiful and expressive. There are many techniques and methods that can enhance your ability. We will explore the multitudinous ways to billow and possibly also to minister. You may learn more about this topic in the book or DVD here.


This is a favorite of most people during workshops. We will use the Dance, Dance, Dance! book and take Hebrew, Greek, and English words (from scripture), that relate to movement... and move! We will break into small groups (where everyone has opportunity to meet everyone else) and create movement stories that depict the scriptures and the way to learn! You may learn more about this topic in the book or DVD here.


We will embellish sign language in creative ways and use other means of expression to enhance and acquire a greater movement vocabulary with which to express our heart of worship. We typically include a flag vocabulary during the same time slot. You may learn more about this topic in the book or DVD here.


This is an advanced, college level study broken down into a fun and easy to learn format. Taken from the "Divine Choreography" book, Movement and Meaning will be explored. Purpose: To stimulate creative thinking. To discover the many variations of movement and movement phrases that can be done in choreographed (as well as spontaneous) dances. To reveal the depth and breadth of physical movement possibilities that will enhance and activate the worshipper's vocabulary of expression. Therefore, the learned quality variations planted within the worship dancer will give greater meaning to their outward demonstration of gospel presentations. You may learn more about this topic in the book or DVD here.


Many choreography concepts, tips, techniques, do's and don'ts will be explored that will make your dances minister most effectively. This is a fun and informative time of creativity. You will come away with an almost overwhelming myriad of ideas! You may learn more about this topic in the book or DVD here.


This is a productive time of discussion and fun activation about dance teams. Taken from the "Team Terrificus" book, we will talk about many issues with which team leaders and members deal, and combine them with the fruit of the Spirit. You may learn more about this topic in the book or DVD here.


To reveal to the worshipper about the relevance of dance/pageantry in the church. To discuss both the scriptural significance and practical applications of processionals and prop use. To activate the participant in movement ideas, ministry and use of props. To minister to the heart of the workshop participant. You may learn more about this topic in the book or DVD here.


Prophetic dance has several meanings, but the most basic is: hearing the Father's heart and expressing it through dance. Even as someone with the gift of prophesy can hear from God about an individual or situation, and deliver it through word or song, so can a dancer hear from God and deliver a message through movement. There are several ways through which this can be accomplished. We will not only learn, but do, and be ministered to! This is usually the time, during the conference, where deep healing takes place. You may learn more about this topic in the book or DVD here.

What is prophetic dance?


Along with "Active" Word Studies, Creative Worship is among most people's favorite part of a conference. Many, many exercises will be done to: stimulate and activate spontaneity, activate leadership skills, stimulate creativity during team ministry, cultivate unity and harmony among team members, and expand movement ideas for praise and worship. You may learn more about this topic in the book or DVD here.


God inhabits the praises of His people. Where two or three are gathered in His name, there is unity...One can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand... We will do several exercises that will be useful in leading team members or entire congregations in unity of movement. Useful and loads of fun! You may learn more about this topic in the book or DVD here.


Usually after Modern Dance, we take a long time to relax, stretch, and meditate on our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is a welcomed segment of a conference to relax and stretch those tired muscles while giving adoration to our King. You may learn more about this topic in the book or DVD here.


Although this class is primarily geared for dance/arts leaders, anyone is welcome. We will take practical and typical examples of tough situations with which dance leaders had to deal and learn how to overcome. It is good for everyone to break up into groups and discuss these issues, to hear one another's perspectives for resolve. This has been very successful in the past and will be brought up occasionally during some workshops. Primarily, though, this class is reserved for intensives and sometimes the retreats. You may learn more about this topic in the book or DVD here.


Throughout the conference, at different times, we will experience the difference between performance and ministry. While concepts are being learned, powerful demonstrations of ministry often take place, both individually and corporately. Primarily this is more greatly experienced on Friday evenings, during a regular conference. This is where after a wonderful time of Artistic Worship, we will utilize the arts in a creative way through which to receive deep healing and ministry. You may learn more about this topic in the DVD here.


Occasionally, (especially during longer conferences) we will learn a dance. It is usually useful choreography that may be re-used, either with that song or to different music. Often there is a video available for sale with the dance broken down for ease of remembrance. More times than not, more than one dance (or at least useful segments) will be taught. There are several DVDs that have complete dances, broken down step by step, on the end of the teaching segment. There are even some DVDs that contain only in depth teaching of the choreography of a certain dance.


The evening concert is always a highlight. The workshop participants often come with their whole teams (or by themselves), and present a dance that they will have already done at their churches. This is still part of the learning experience, because we see and experience a whole host of ideas, concepts, costumes, and music. There will be some unique activities and times of ministry that will take place as Holy Spirit directs. Overall, it will be an awesome time in the Lord. Be sure to register early to get a spot! 

All of these topics may be found in DFH books and videos