school of the bible - The person and Ministry of the Holy spirit study

Dancing For Him School of the Bible - The Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit Study

The Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Because the Holy Spirit is God and shares in all attributes of Deity, He is therefore infinite and can pour Himself into a million vessels performing a million ministries and not be diminished.

Yet for all His presence and activity, we tend to have only a vague concept of God the Holy Spirit. Our objective in this course is to examine the person and ministry of the Third Person of the Trinity so that we may know Him better and fellowship with Him more truly.

The purpose of the School of the Bible is to assist you in the disciplined study of Scriptural truth and to encourage you as you express truth through artistic creativity — learning truth and translating truth into creative expression. Upon successful completion of the course, you'll receive a certificate of completion.
In an age characterized by lies, it’s important to know the truth. To a generation encompassed in  darkness, it is crucial that we express truth with the rhythms and colors and passions of grace, dancing past defenses, planting seeds of light in the deepest places of the heart.
Our purpose is not simply to acquire information but to grow in the grace and knowledge and likeness of Jesus so that we may walk as children of light in a dark world, shining forth the glory of Jesus. 
School year Session: January 10th through October 24th

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