Back in 1995, the pastor of our church called a fast. He wanted us to fast (the way the Lord would direct) and pray (for 30 days) for three things:

  • Our Personal Vision
  • Our Church's Vision
  • Our Ministerial Vision

I was diligent to fast and pray for the full 30 days. However, I was frustrated by the brass ceilings for the first 29 days. Meaning, I prayed continually, but did not get any answers. Finally, on the last day, the Lord opened up my spiritual eyes to see a good portion of the vision that we have listed.

About 6 months later, the Lord gave me a "sleep dream" that was almost identical. We took this and several prophecies as confirmation.


It was born out of obedience. I was in church one Sunday morning, listening to the Pastor, when suddenly I heard the voice of the Lord say: "Send out the letters right away." I had been preparing to send letters to area Pastors announcing a Tuesday evening community worship dance class/mini workshop. I was in no real hurry to mail them out and was planning to sometime in the week. After hearing that instruction from the Lord, I mailed them out the next (Monday) morning.

On Wednesday night, after church, I came home to two very interesting messages on the answering machine: one was from KB productions in New York, and one was from Tom Brooks with Integrity Hosanna. After the initial bewilderment, shock, and excitement, I calmed down long enough to return the calls.

KB Productions was the management company for the choreographer for the Ron Kenoly video "Sing Out" and they wanted someone to hold auditions for the dancers in the video. Tom Brooks wanted someone to coordinate and notify the dancers to be in the audition and ultimately in the video.


Of course I was glad to oblige but asked, "How did you get my name?" To make a long story short, the woman at KB productions knew the Pastor at a local church that I once attended and helped a lot with dance and choreography. When she contacted that Pastor's office to ask if they had someone who could hold auditions and coordinate dancers in Florida, the church secretary said: "IT SO HAPPENS THAT I JUST RECEIVED THIS LETTER TODAY FROM A WOMAN (ME) IN THIS AREA THAT COULD PROBABLY HELP YOU." That is where the obedience came in. Had I waited to mail out those letters until later in the week, that secretary would not have had my letter on her desk!!

So, I was blessed to be able to choreograph the audition piece for the video, hold auditions in Sarasota, FL and Lakeland, FL, and teach half the dancers the dance that Tobin James choreographed. Of course being in the dance in front of 10,500 people was one of the most exhilarating experiences I've ever had.

It was from one of the auditions that I got invited to teach in the Arts conference at Christian International, and it was from there, where many doors to teach became open.

Living For Him,
Pastor Lynn