Ministry Vision




Dancing For Him Prophetic Worship Dance Conferences are only one phase of a multi-phase plan to minister, train, and activate others so they will be effective artistic and prophetic ministers. Our conference participants will learn, technically and experientially, how to reach the lost, heal the sick, wounded, and brokenhearted. They will also learn to open spiritual prison doors (initially and powerfully in their own lives), and as they go forth with the same attained liberty, affect the lives of others.

During these conferences (whether hosted by Dancing For Him or other places to which we travel), technical and expressive worship and praise dance training is obtained, along with practical prophetic exercises. Solid biblical teaching is at our foundation. We give practical insight to an everyday walk with a holy God. You will no doubt be transformed, as an impartation of our anointing flows toward you. Through prophetic dance and music you will be changed forever.

From this initial writing in 1994, much has changed as the ministry has grown. Now, through the online school, some anointed, qualified graduates are teaching several of the conferences throughout the year. 


In addition to our conferences, it is our desire to create anointed, professional visual aids. Lynn already has a wide variety of worship dance, praise dance and prophetic dance books and videos (DVDs) both in hard copy as well as digital versions available, which are now circulating around the globe. Other countries are learning about and using her God inspired ideas and team concepts to build better ministries. Much fruit is coming forth as a result of these resources. Dance ministries are not only being birthed, but also being challenged, strengthened, and renewed. In addition to that, and as a sign to Dancing For Him that God is indeed at its center, leadership is embracing the prophetic anointing that Lynn Hayden has through dance and ministry. Experience what you have always desired by attending or hosting a Dancing For Him Prophetic Worship Dance Conference or purchasing the many helpful resources.


"Study and be eager and do your utmost to present yourself to God approved (tested by trial), a workman who has no cause to be ashamed, correctly analyzing and accurately dividing [rightly handling and skillfully teaching] the Word of Truth."
 - 2 Timothy 2:15 (Amplified Bible)

We minister and teach the Word of Truth with our bodies through a dancer’s language of movement. Therefore, it is just as important for us to be approved, to analyze God's word and become more skillful in the vehicle through which we minister this Truth.

This school is designed to help a worshipper understand his or her call to dance before the Lord through an intense learning experience.

By studying all of Pastor Lynn’s training materials, students will learn in-depth concepts of choreography so their dances will minister most effectively. They will learn dance steps and movement vocabulary from her 50+ years of dance experience.

They will enjoy close knit fellowship and support with other industry leaders and tap into that God-given creativity so their well will overflow. They will learn how to minister the Father’s heart to set the captives free and have solid credentials to show that they will have studied to show themselves approved.


LEVEL 1 - Teacher’s Training Course - Upon successful completion, receive a Worship Dance Teacher’s Certificate (must complete Level 1 before going on to Level 2)

LEVEL 2  - Dance Ministry Leadership Course - Upon successful completion, receive a Dance Minister’s Certificate. (Level 2 must be done immediately after Level 1 completion)

LEVEL 3 - Worship Dance Development Continuing Education Course - Upon successful completion, you will receive a Worship Dance Continuing Education Certificate. (Level 3 may be done anytime after Level 2 completion.) 

LEVEL 4 - Dance Ministry Master Course - Upon successful completion, you will receive a Dance Ministry Master Certificate of License. (Level 4 must be done immediately after Level 3 completion).

This online school is a vitally important part of the overall vision of Dancing For Him Ministries.


Since the vision's revelation in 1994, the ministry has grown, developed and changed into what I believe God had originally intended. Back then, there was not the kind of technology there is today and therefore no way to know how to have the school online, through the internet. Also, much of what is written below is already done through the conferences, website and current school. So it is possible that the original vision has come to pass in a different form. Perhaps it was revealed to me in the only way I could understand at that time. 

However, I am choosing to not delete the original vision that is below, in case God still desires this aspect of the ministry and school to additionally manifest in this way.


We have literally traveled multiple thousands of miles. Whether by auto, plane, or just walking around all the many sanctuaries frequented, we have been busy about the Master's business. We preach, pray, prophesy, teach dance, activate in many forms and styles of dance, and the diversified list continues to grow. After these many years, however, we do believe that we need to put a stake down on His desired property (building), so that we may carry His vision to the next level. Please pray for this illustrious property, that He will sanctify and call holy.




Along with the Training Center, our vision is to see ample floor space for our guests to receive as well as demonstrate the gospel to its fullest. This will not be a 'church as usual'! In this facility, there will be a demonstration of unity, as God brings people together of many different denominations. On Friday evenings, the Lord directed us to dedicate the facility as a sanctuary and as a place of "worship."

On Friday evenings we will begin by executing Artistic Worship. This is where the visitors allow Lynn to let the Holy Spirit direct her as she directs them in worship utilizing various forms of movement with or without props. Throughout the worship time, the tapestry of worship using banners, billows, flags and dance will materialize into many shapes and forms for the Lord to view. It is an awesome experience! After the Artistic Worship time, Artistic Ministry takes place. This is where the arts are utilized during ministry. It also takes on many visually stimulating forms through which ministry happens thereby changing lives. You've just got to experience it to understand...

The effectiveness of diligent training should be exemplified in the faces that surround you daily. We are totally sold out to the concept of the arts being used for the sake of the gospel. However, more than wanting to train people to be artists, we desire to train artistic minded people to be ministers. Most important, though, is the person's first ministry - the family. We do not want people to just escape from their responsibilities of home life for the sake of the gospel, but that they would run to their families with the gospel. We here at Dancing For Him Ministries believe in Family first. When you meet us, you will feel a part of our family, but as you are trained, we hope you will want to turn around, look at your own family, and likewise minister.


Our Prophetic Arts Training Center will be multi-functional and very diversified. Some of the many topics discussed will be dance theory and composition, as well as expressive worship, prophetic dance, modern dance, and ballet technique, creative worship, a variety of fitness classes, as well as prophetic exercises. In addition to the movement arts and prophetic training, there will be optional accountability with regard to health and nutrition. After having had several hours of training during the days spent at the facility, the coming together in the Friday evening worship services, with the culmination of music and spontaneous creativity will be a tremendous highlight.

The Training Center will also hold periodic teacher training and leadership retreats, and a host of other events. This will be a place where people called to the expressive worship arts can come together with people of like minds and spirits. Let everything that has breath, praise God. There will be periodic seminars held including visiting guest expert teachers who will impart wisdom in their specialty (mime, jazz, hiphop, drama, etc.)

As we grow, we desire to start with weekend workshops. Then do one and two week mini-semesters. During these intensives, there will be both physical and philosophical learning opportunities. These mini-semesters will eventually develop into full term semesters and finally, an associate of Arts degree in the arts. While being well rounded in our curriculum activities, we are about propagating and expanding the creative, expressive, and prophetic arts throughout the whole earth. It is our desire that not only dancers and artists should be touched by this gospel, but entire nations. In order for us to do this, we must first start at home, by building a man or women, expanding that person's ability, and then allowing the breaking process to happen. Then what we will have learned can be as food to others around us, to Judea, to Samaria and then to the utter most part of the world. Come explore the multi-dimensional, and multi-faceted purpose of Dancing For Him's Prophetic and Arts Training Center.


Our administration department within the facility will house our staff, which will oversee all of the activities for Dancing for Him's ever expanding vision. Distribution of merchandise, prayer counseling, along with a myriad of administration details will be managed through this facility. Volunteers and leadership trainees will also facilitate here. The making of a true leader is most often not just taught from a stage, but 'caught' in life's real activities.




One of the desires of Lynn's heart is to teach dance, so shouldn't there be dance studios? She saw a large building with state-of-the-art studios, along with smaller, academic classrooms, and a locker room/dressing area. This will better facilitate the dance classes to be held during both school and conferences. There will be similar style classrooms or break out rooms in the building, used for a myriad of other classes to be held simultaneously.


Our ministry guests, guests of any conference or intensive, students, and visitors alike will enjoy the benefits of the shopping district. This unique area will consist of many storefront shops, nestled into a contemporary, yet peaceful mini-mall style setting. Quaint boardwalks will take you into such places as:


Where worship dancers may purchase or order exquisite garments for themselves and their teams. This will also have other dancewear, clothing, accessories and shoes necessary to complete one's attire. We will support as many garments of praise vendors as spatially possible.


This will have a dazzling array of inventory that will entertain the curious to the more seasoned worship ministers. Custom made items and order forms will be available. Again, we will support as many garments of praise and banner vendors as spatially possible.


Here you will find all your latest Worship items, which can mean a lot of different things to many people. That is why at the Book Nook and Gift Shop you will find anything related to worship/prophetic arts. There will be many noted authors featured, as well as those of highly respected author Lynn Hayden. All her dance DVD's will be available there as well, and her series keeps growing. We will carry a number of anointed musicians' music that will be appropriate for worship and dance. Much of the music that will be available will be what is used in many of Lynn's DVD's.


This is where many of your needs will be met, from toiletries and personal hygiene items, to snacks of all kinds. Gum, chocolate, and power drinks will be available, along with assorted juices, and water. Because of the influx of people from various places around the world (for whom we would like to accommodate), you may find something interesting, as you browse around carefully.


The shopping district will have many other places of interest, including seats and benches, scattered upon the peaceful environment, as well as areas to get alone with God for prayer and reflection. 

Your time with us is meant to change your life, and it will. So, to insure that you have the best, undisturbed encounters with the Lord, we will make every effort to see that your time with us is quiet and restful. With lots of solitude, you will be better prepared for an intense learning experience and exposure to what God will do with, to, and for you. Coming to the Dancing For Him Center will not just be another class or conference. It will be an unforgettable, life changing experience! 


As time progresses and times are changing, it seems that most of this vision is beginning to take shape through the online school, store, conferences and even webinars. As the Lord continues to lead, it is possible that the entire vision may transition to this online vehicle. Thank you for your prayers and I continue to follow the Lord's leading to His destiny for Dancing For Him Ministries.