LEVEL 3 - worship dance development-continuing education course

Level III Certificate

Worship Dance Continuing Education Certificate 

Level 3 will be about going deeper in some of the subjects learned in the first two levels, with an emphasis on ministry, leadership and choreography. You'll be incorporating some practical ministry/business concepts as well as learning the ins and outs of running a conference.

The growth you will experience will be unparalleled. The main focus, in addition to hands on practice and learning from Pastor Lynn's personal experiences will be fostering God's call for you and the ministry He's given. The intensity of the course over the short term will stretch you, but the results of your perseverance will be lifelong knowledge, obtaining practical tools for growth in your own ministry, confidence in your call, covenant relationships and moving forward in your destiny.  

School year: January 10 through October 24th

You must have graduated from Level 2 to gain entrance into Level 3.

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Words from some of the students who have completed the entire course...

  • Daina M. Angel

    Although I have stated this before, it bears repeating . . . The Dancing for Him Ministries' Online School has been one of the greatest investments I have ever made in both myself and ministry.

    Level 1 was a LIFE-CHANGING journey that strengthened my mind, body, and spirit by stretching me beyond myself and challenging me to 1) Go deeper in my relationship with Daddy God; 2) Become a more equipped and effective minister, choreographer, teacher, leader and 3) Better understand and accept me (who I am) and what the Father has called me to do. Not only did I gain a wealth of knowledge in the area of Worship Dance along with solid credentials and the confidence I needed to go forth in continuing my God-ordained assignment, but also long-lasting friendships with others with like passion.

    Level 2 was a TRANSFORMING journey, in that Abba continued to draw me closer to Him and used each assignment to minister to me - bringing forth healing and deliverance as I learned more about my gifts and calling as a Worship Arts Minister. I experienced new levels in worship, Biblical Study, discipline, leadership, organization and creativity to prepare me as I partner with God in the restoration of the Creative Arts and utilize them to bring forth the saving, healing, delivering, and transforming power of God into the lives of others. The Lord also used this course to bring clarity and revelation about things He had placed in my heart years ago, along with the strategy on how to apply it to what I’ve learned and what has been imparted to me.

    Now, with that being said, what can I possibly mention about the DFH Level 3 program? Well, for me, this year has been a journey of ADVANCEMENT in which I encountered more than I ever imagined. In addition to attaining greater proficiency in the areas of study from Levels 1 and 2, I learned about hosting/planning a conference, research marketing and social media. As I delved further into dance technique and composition, my creative abilities were expanded and honed. Also, each reading, writing, and/or video lesson based upon the Transforming Journey, Mighty Works of Jesus, A Bride Made Ready, and The Passion of the Bride: A Heart of Prayer books by Wesley Scott Amos cultivated an increased desire for intimacy with Heavenly Father. The Product Creation project was my most favorite of all, as this work, which I began in Level 2 and eagerly look forward to completing in Level 4, has helped me to discover my own unique voice.

    In closing, I must say that every task designed for this class is not just for “busy work”, but is strategically developed in such a way to prepare you for your own ministry. Thank you Pastor Lynn for your obedience to the Lord, willingness to impart into me (and others) what Holy Spirit has given you, and genuine concern for my growth. May the blessings of the Lord overtake you!
    New Orleans
  • Brad Worrell
    Level 3 Course Evaluation 2019
    Brad Worrell AP Nancy Skye
    This has been such an incredible year. The course changed a little bit this time and we learned a lot this year about focusing in on teaching skills. A lot of our exercises and things we did were all matter of us demonstrating and teaching. This would allow us to be able to teach these kind of things at a conference. We learned a lot about different aspects of putting a conference together and using social media. It's just been an absolutely incredible year! I am definitely excited! I never dreamed, I know I probably said this last year to for level 2, never dreamed I'd be where I am today! It has been such an incredible incredible journey and I cannot recommend level 3 enough! It's just amazing! The growth that you experience personally and spiritually is amazing! We dealt with a several Pastor Will’s books over the course of this year, and they have brought me to a new understanding! A new level of intimacy that I never never knew existed with the Lord! Getting into that really small closed space with God, knowing that the Holy Spirit is indwelling you, there's not a close intimacy that compares to that. There's a closeness there that words can't even describe. It's been an awesome, awesome, awesome year! Pastor Lynn has done an awesome job with everything as always. I cannot recommend level 3 enough! There's no reason to stop at level 2, keep coming!!! I greatly appreciate all that Pastor Lynn does for us and all the time and effort she spent putting these courses together for us. Be blessed, stay creative, and keep Dancing for Him!
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