Dancing For Him Ministries’ Online Training School

“Study and be eager and do your utmost to present yourself to God approved (tested by trial), a workman who has no cause to be ashamed, correctly analyzing and accurately dividing [rightly handling and skillfully teaching] the Word of Truth.”
 - 2 Timothy 2:15 (Amplified Bible)

Would you like to...

  • Understand your call to dance for the Lord?
  • Learn in-depth concepts so your choreography will minister most effectively?
  • Learn dance steps and movement vocabulary so you’ll move more freely to worship Him?
  • Learn from someone with 50+ years of dance experience?
  • Enjoy close-knit fellowship and support with other industry leaders?
  • Tap into that God-given creativity so your well will overflow?
  • Learn how to minister the Father’s heart to set captives free?
  • Have solid credentials to show that you will have studied to show yourself approved? 
  • Then this school is for you! 

Come with us on an artistic journey that will change your life...


LEVEL 1 - WORSHIP DANCE TRAINING COURSE - Upon successful completion, you will receive a Worship Dance Certificate. You must complete Level 1 before going on to Level 2 (no matter what other experience you may have had or other courses you may have taken). Here is one student's evaluation of the course. There are many more below and on the various information pages.

LEVEL 2 - DANCE MINISTRY LEADERSHIP COURSE - Upon successful completion, you will receive a Dance Ministry Leader’s Certificate. Level 2 must be done immediately after Level 1 completion. Both years must be done successively. You must complete Level 2 before going on to Level 3 (no matter what other experience you may have had or other courses you may have taken). Here is one student's evaluation of the course. There are many more below and on the various information pages.

LEVEL 3 - WORSHIP DANCE DEVELOPMENT - CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSE - Upon successful completion, you will receive a Worship Dance Continuing Education Certificate. Level 3 may be done anytime after Level 2 completion. Here is one student's evaluation of the course. There are many more below and on the various information pages.

LEVEL 4 - DANCE MINISTRY MASTER COURSE - Upon successful completion, you will receive a Dance Ministry Master Certificate of License. You must complete Level 3 before going on to Level 4 (no matter what other experience or training you may have had). Level 4 must be done immediately after Level 3 completion. Both years must be done successively. This course is a continuation of Level 3. Here is one student's evaluation of the course. There are many more below and on the various information pages.


FOUNDATIONS IN FAITH - Upon successful completion of the course, you'll receive a certificate of completion for Biblical and Artistic Studies. The purpose of the School of the Bible is to assist you in the disciplined study of Scriptural truth and to encourage you as you express truth through artistic creativity — learning truth and translating truth into creative expression. Though not required, it is recommended that you complete Level 2 of the DFH school, before going on to School of the Bible school, Foundations in Faith. Here is one student's evaluation of the course. There are more below and on the various information pages.

GENESIS STUDY- Upon successful completion of the course, you'll receive a certificate of completion for Biblical and Artistic Studies. The purpose of the School of the Bible is to assist you in the disciplined study of Scriptural truth and to encourage you as you express truth through artistic creativity — learning truth and translating truth into creative expression. Though not required, it is recommended that you complete Level 2 of the DFH school, before going on to School of the Bible. Also, while not required, it is recommended that you complete Foundations in Faith before going on to the Genesis study. This course will be done over two years. Register for year 1 and have access the second year.

HOSEA STUDY - Upon successful completion of the course, you'll receive a certificate of completion for Biblical and Artistic Studies. The purpose of the School of the Bible is to assist you in the disciplined study of Scriptural truth and to encourage you as you express truth through artistic creativity — learning truth and translating truth into creative expression. Though not required, it is recommended that you complete Level 2 of the DFH school, before going on to School of the Bible. Also, while not required, it is recommended that you complete Foundations in Faith before going on to the Genesis study. This course will be done over two years. Register for year 1 and have access the second year.

Click on the particular level's link for all the details. 

Because Dancing For Him Ministries has been established since 1996 and is widely known throughout the world, its certificate/license carries a lot of weight, giving you the credentials/credibility you need. 

There are many comments from previous students below, as well as many more at the bottom of each level's information page. Also, you may listen to and watch some of the video testimonies from students who have either completed level 1 or the entire program. There are more at the bottom of the level 1 and 2 information pages as well.

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Words From Previous Students

  • Jimmene Crew
    After reading Pastor Will's books and hearing him speak at my graduation ceremony last year, 2018, I decided to take his Bible course. I am so glad that I did. It has been amazing. Pastor Will has a passion and enthusiasm for God that I have rarely seen. His written lessons are powerful and dynamic. And when we meet face-to-face online his enthusiasm is quite obvious and motivating. He makes everything clear and backs everything he has said with scripture. By the time you finish reading his lessons or listening to him you will be in awe of God. I am so blown away knowing who God is, why he came, and what He has done for us. You will go to bed at night looking to God in absolute wonder and say to Him, you did all this for me? You love me that much? I am not worthy. Thank you! Thank you!
  • Renee Arroyo
    I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to take level 1. I have learned so much and have been so encouraged to worship the Lord through dance. I am gaining vision and inspiration concerning ministering to others through dance as well. I feel this course has helped me in realizing the Lords' call. I am very excited about continuing to grow in many areas of this ministry! Thank you Pastor Lynn for all of your wonderful teaching, resources, encouragement, wisdom and sacrificial time and energy that I know you put in to this ministry in order that we could all have the best possible training. This truly is a ministry of excellence! Thank you Carrie Tyer, my A.P., that has so wonderfully encouraged me and prayed for me throughout this year! I so needed you! Your encouragement and prayers have meant so much to me! What a blessing you are! Thank you Michelle Husted for all of your kind, loving support, encouragement and prayers! Thank you to all of my fellow students for your kindness and support as well! I highly recommend DFH School! It has been so much more than I imagined and has given me confidence to continue to dance for Him!
  • Diane G.
    This has been an amazing year! Dancing for Him is a wonderful online dance school, and Lynn is a great teacher. I have learned so much throughout these past two years and with the tools/ techniques I have now, I know that my Dance Ministry will go far.
    If you or someone you know is looking to expand in Dance Ministry then Dancing For Him should be the next choice you make.
  • Natalie
    Wow! I have been worship dancing for 16 years and was unsure of how much I would gain from this course. But I knew that God wanted me to be apart and I’m so glad to have found Dancing For Him Ministries! My dance minister has bloomed and grown tremendously in the past year! Like water on a seed, this course gave nourishment and new life to the gift that God planted within me!
  • Denise C. - Niverville, Manitoba, Canada
    Denise C. - Level 1 Evaluation
    My desire to become a student of Dancing for Him Ministries began after attending a DFH graduation conference. I admired how the students could move and flow with the Holy Spirit. As a proficient flagger with no prior dance experience, it was at that conference that I first heard the Holy Spirit call me a “Dancer who dances with flags.” By that time, the enrollment deadline for the online school had already passed. During the following year, I began to see myself as a dancer. But, it wasn’t until my first year as a DFH student that I truly believed that I am a dancer! Now, even the ministerial leadership at our church call me “one of the dancers!” Pastor Lynn’s teaching materials are thorough and give a solid scriptural understanding of dancing for the Lord. They cover topics such as dance technique and conditioning, the use of props and costumes, choreography ideas and design, dance team leadership, and the biblical foundation for the different uses of movement in worship. The course was well designed and assignments were easy to follow with clear expectations setting out specific tasks to be completed each week and month. My accountability partner offered prayer and encouragement along the way. I am amazed at how the assignments stretched me past my comfort zone by applying what I had learned and allowing me to take new territory. Time and time again, I was able to draw strength from the scripture contained in the materials I was studying. My movement vocabulary, creativity and understanding of the use of props has expanded profoundly and I have confidence in my ability to dance and move without flags in my expression of worship to the Lord. My identity is now as a “Dancer for Him.” I am forever changed!
  • Pauline Fisher
    The Dancing for Him on line school has changed my life. All I ever wanted to do was learn how to worship the Lord in expressive dance. I got more out of this course than I could ever imagine. It's a wish come true! When I began my journey in 2014 I didn't know how to move my feet or hands in worship, then I purchased the DFH tools it gave me a new lease of life, I could not wait to use the tools , it's empowered me, inspired me and it has helped me to grow spiritually as a worship dancer and now I know how to express the heart of the father through dance. My choreography now is on another level and I am more creative than ever this is all because of the exceptional teaching which I have received from Pastor Lynn. It's been a privilege to have been taught under an anointed, powerful woman of God. I love Pastor Lynn's tools, has taught me how to use choreography correctly in dance. The support network is one of a kind the students are friendly and it made learning more pleasureable as we worked together in completing our assignments. I enjoyed listening to the chat sessions, I learnt a lot from the students queries and it was good that we could have a laugh together with some of the questions.Even though I am on the other side of the Atlantic ocean in England I have never felt that I didn't belong to this incredible school. of dancers. I am proud to say that I received my training from Pastor Lynn Hayden, Dancing for Him, USA.
  • Lisa - OK
    Final Course Evaluation so excited about Dance For Him Ministries this has been a life changing experience. I have truly been blessed because of the Ministry the School will help you gain knowledge and grow in dance. Prior to starting this course I didn’t have much experience. However, Level 1 start with the basic systematic instructions that allows a student to progress as they learn. Ready for your mind to be renewed in the concept of dance. Pastor Lynn Hayden through the direction of the Holy Spirit gives us the tools to enhance our dance ministry. With this course there are books, Dvds and other resources that will be a blessing to you. Know that if God has called you to be a warrior in dance this is the place to start. I would like to thank all of my Dance For Him Family for your video uploads, comments and post it help me finish strong. To God Be all The Glory!!!
  • Bobbi - MN
    I have just completed the Level One DFH program. This past year has been one of the most challenging and one of the best years of my life! I have been involved in dance ministry for the past 13 years and I wish I would have taken this course sooner. I have learned and grown not only in dance knowledge, but in my relationship with God. Pastor Lynn does a wonderful job teaching and encouraging you to not only learn about the biblical meaning behind dance. She encourages to you to push yourself with tons of creative ideas to use by yourself or with your team. I highly recommend this program to anyone that is looking to grow in the area of Praise Dance. I am here to assure you that no matter your age, size or experience level, you will be loved, accepted and encouraged to succeed in this program. If you believe you have been called to Praise Dance Ministry, then look no further for grounded, biblical and anointed teaching with Dancing for Him!
  • Daina A.
    The Dancing For Him Level 1 Course has been a LIFE-CHANGING journey that has strengthened my mind, body and spirit by stretching me beyond myself - challenging me to…1) Go deeper in my relationship with Daddy God; 2) Become a more equipped and effective minister, choreo- grapher, teacher, leader and 3) To better understand and accept me (who I am) and what God has called me to do. Our instructor, Pastor Lynn Hayden, is truly a Godly woman, worshipper and mentor who leads by example and her Biblically based curriculum that DFH offers is excellent and shall serve as a valuable resource for years to come. Every assignment (whether Book, DVD, Essay, Product Review, Video Upload, Web Check, Phone Chat, Conference, and etc) is designed to help each student minister the Father’s heart and prepare them spiritually, mentally and physically for their own ministries. Not only have I gained a wealth of knowledge in the area of Worship Dance along with solid credentials and the confidence I needed to go forth in continuing my God-ordained assignment, but also long-lasting friendships with others with like passion. The Fellowship, Encouragement, Accountability, and Support that I experienced throughout this course among Level 1 Classmates, Level 2 Students and Alumni are priceless and I eagerly look forward to what God has in store for me next year as I continue my journey into Level 2! Thank you Pastor Lynn for your obedience to the Lord and for being a willing vessel!
  • Linda P.
    Dancing For Him Level 1 was very beneficial for me. I am now better prepared to not only be on a dance team, but to begin to lead others in the freedom of dance. I have learned many techniques and exercises to use to activate others in participating in dance. The fact that the course is on DVD and written form is a huge advantage. We can go back and refresh our learning experience or even learn more from the different dance techniques.

    What I appreciate most about the DFH course of instruction is Lynn Hayden. Lynn is a precious gift to the Body of Christ. She has been faithful in stewarding her gift in pursing excellence in both the art of dance and in ministry. She offers a well rounded and balanced dance course that is very helpful to beginners as well as seasoned dancers. I love her passion and vision that motivates her to equip worship warriors to advance His Kingdom. I am amazed at both her level of spiritual maturity and her expertise in dance. I recommend this DFH course of study to anyone wanting to pursue the Lord's call of dance on their life.
  • Jane - BVI
    I came to the Dancing For Him Level 1 School with a longing to increase my dance vocabulary, improve technique and network with others in the worship dance community. I came away with all these goals achieved, but something else transformational occurred. I realized it came about through fellowship and love expressed - even through the unlikely vehicle of the internet.

    We can worship alone and have sweet encounters with the Lord, but corporate worship brings all the individual flames of fire together in one setting – which is powerful! From the two conferences I attended, the exchanges through the videos we posted on our DFH Facebook page and our group phone chats, I was interwoven in a special dancing community I could not have experienced with out the school. I was challenged and stretched and always encouraged by Pastor Lynn to bring forth excellence. Like beautiful sea glass that is found with its edges worn smooth by the tumbling in the sea and sand – I have been transformed!
  • Marie - GA
    I cannot begin to describe the vast knowledge that I have received from this program. Although I have not completed it as of yet, every assignment has brought me to another level. As you are going through the program, not only that you are enriching your skills, you gain a deeper understanding of ministering through dance and feel the presence of the Lord and a download of movement you never though you had. My recommendation to this school is a must that one cannot have a choice not to take whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer
  • Tina - PA
    This course has change my life! It has brought me to a place with the LORD that I 'm not sure if I would have ever made it without taking this teaching. Trully levels of passion for dance has awaken within me. Through this course I have received a foundation to a dance ministry. Meaning, Christ is my foundation to my life but now I have learned how to have him as and always the foundation to all parts of ministry. Learning and seeing the power of God move through dance is just breathtaking. The power in the prophetic dance is just
    healing and transforming. Artistic ministry became a whole other Blessing for me. I never knew about it or the power of unity that is done in this ministry. Deliverance, Healing, and transformation are all that has been seen during this ministry. My life has been delivered and set free. I have been transformed and healed by the power of God flowing through me for his purpose to dance. There is so much knowledge that is taught in building your dance skill and relationship with the Father. This really taught me what it is to express Our Father's Heart through dance.
  • Armanda - MO
    These past two years have been an amazing journey. I have grown in my ministry in ways that i didn't imagine or think. I appreciate all the sincerity from Pastor Lynn in teaching as well as in person and throughout all the phone chats and everything involved with the school. Especially as a level 2 student, i love the depth of the teaching and activations that we were challenged to do. This course has really expanded my view of dance ministry and brought into to perspective all aspects, to include remaining in order, setting guidelines, understanding principles of praise and worship, being a leader, and of course many different technique resources to sharpen your skills. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to deepen their dance ministry or even just their understanding of the ministry!!
  • Glenda - GA
    The Dancing for Him Ministries’ Training School is phenomenal! This course exceeded my expectations well beyond anything I could have imagined. I highly and enthusiastically recommend the course to anyone who is a dance leader, a dance team member, or one who aspires to be either of these. This is the perfect course for giving you a foundation in dancing for the Lord by giving you an understanding of vocabulary, technique, ideas, and do’s and don’ts. The combination of books, DVDs, and monthly phone chats gave me a breadth of knowledge on how to become an effective dancer in communicating the heart of God. You can come to this course from any level of experience (including no experience and vast experience) and I can guarantee you will learn things you never knew or never knew how to handle, either personally or as a team dynamic. I started dancing two years ago and learned everything by doing and by observing my team and my leader. It was definitely challenging although the ladies were (and still are) exceptionally supportive. I discovered Pastor Lynn’s course a year ago and OH MY GOODNESS! This was the missing link. Her course filled in ALL the gaps of information and then went beyond, and taught me SO much more. More than I even knew there was, and yet, it was done so patiently and clearly with love, joy, and a genuine compassion. This is what I needed!!! God called me to dance and led me to Pastor Lynn’s website and I believe neither was by accident. Joining the school is one of the best decisions I have ever made!
  • Ariesha - AR
    Course Review

    Oh! How I have loved my fellowship and time spent in Dancing for Him School. Pastor Lynn, has been such an integral piece in God developing me as a dancer and a worshipper because of her heart and will to do God’s work. Pastor Lynn’s spirit and each teaching tool that she developed has just been a true blessing in my life. This course allowed me to become well rounded as a leader and a servant of God through the creative outlet of dance and dramance. I say dramance because in preparing different activations, it allows you to bring biblical stories to life using all that God has given you to show a realistic view and lives are touched. As a dance minister, I knew that it was important that I sought more intimacy with God in my gift as well as my life in general because I wanted to have an open line of communication not just in dancing for Him, but also in personal development as well and this course provided that for me. In the two years that I have been with Dancing for Him, I have intimacy with God that continues to get deeper each and every day, friendships that will last forever, and I have developed another source of networking with praise dancers from all over the world and that is only GOD! I will not say that it was hard, but it required me learning how to balance and prioritize my life so that I was able to give God my best in each assignment. This truly is a course designed by God because it not only strengthens you in dance but also in your God given purpose because God used a real woman of God and ordinary woman of God to fulfill and extraordinary vision by bringing people from all over the world to hear His voice through creative, artistic, educational tools about how He sees dance. By listening to Pastor Lynn’s testimonies and just gleaning from her, I was able to conquer a lot of the issues that I was facing while in the course as a dancer, my life, and my fear of being in front of a camera. YAAYY! I could go on and on for days about how wonderful this course is and how it touched my life but I will conclude with this last statement. I am with my entire whole being dancing for Him! I LOVE YOU PASTOR LYNN AND I LOVED THIS COURSE!
  • Kristen - MO
    The Dancing For Him two-year certification/licensing program is excellent in its structure. Lynn Hayden's video course syllabus is designed in such a way that both dance technique and biblical principles are accurately taught, providing both the beginner and experienced dancer concise instruction in ministry dance. The online structure connects students to one another and provides an environment for encouragement and friendship - "iron sharpening iron". More than “book learning”, Pastor Lynn is personal in her approach and shares 30+ years of experience in team ministry. Twice monthly conference calls allow for that ‘’group-on-one” time to discuss today’s relevant issues regarding team ministry. If your heart is in dance ministry, I whole-heartedly recommend ‘sharpening your axe’ with Dancing For Him. You will complete this course equipped to minister the heart of Father at your highest and best!
  • Lolita - WV
    This class has been the most wonderful and rewarding experience I have ever had. Not only have I learned how to enhance my dance vocabulary, movements and choreography, but I've learned more about myself and the ever growing passion to dance for my Father. The online school didn't just connect me with classmates, but through Pastor Lynn, we became engrafted as a family. The fact that she purposely takes the time to get to know us one by one is very precious. We are not just a web address and typed words to her, we are important. And through her impartations, we are able to be that to her and each other. I sincerely pray that if you ever consider going to dance school, that you would consider going to Dancing For Him Ministries Online School or soon to come campus. You will never be the same!
  • Nanette - FL
    If I had to do over, I would do this course all over again because it forever changed me and the way I view dance in ministry. I knew dance was powerful, but this course made me take the time to study in depth the deep, Biblical significance of dance as well as expand my knowledge of choreography, and how to lead others in dance, no matter what their skill level is. This course also reawakened my love and creativity for writing that I know the Lord wants me to use. I really appreciated the accessibility of Lynn to ask questions via email and phone chats, as well as hands on experience of teaching with her at her conferences. Even after being in dance ministry for 25 years and performing with several, professional dance companies, this course had much for me to learn! I highly recommend it to dance leaders, complete beginners, and professionals alike because you start learning at your own unique level, and grow from there!
  • Alicia - FL
    I would highly recommend the Dancing for Him Ministry School to any dance ministry team member or anyone thinking of starting a dance ministry. As a dance team leader, the course has helped me to develop in the areas of choreography and dance technique, as well as given me a deeper understanding of the scriptural references and significance of dance. I was able to immediately implement and share what I learned from the course materials with the members of my dance ministry team, resulting in a more effective ministry. The course has also given me the opportunity to exchange best practice ideas with my fellow students and develop a spiritual bond and sisterhood. As an instructor, Pastor Lynn is truly anointed and through the curriculum offered by the school she has set a standard of excellence for the dance ministry based on the word of God.
  • Michelle - TX
    This School has impacted my growth in a way I expected but yet didn't know it would be so profound in my walk. Pastor Lynn, truly takes you under her wing, imparting all what God has instilled in her, all the years of experience and the wonderful resources she has available to all who come to be taught by her. Her spirit is so loving, energetic, motherly, joyful and fun, making me feel I can do it all, and do it well! She also instills responsibility and accountability in us so that when we function in our Dance Ministry for the Lord, we do it in excellence. I can't say enough about this School. It's life enriching and ministry impacting where the first one to be ministered to is me!
  • Tanya - TX
    I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to enroll in this dance ministry school. Taking part in this school was an answer to prayer. I had asked the Lord to lead me through a path in which I would gain a greater understanding, a greater passion, and a greater level of skill in the art of dance ministry. After completing the coursework I really do feel awakened in a new way. I feel empowered to teach and lead with greater understanding and have developed a greater sense of confidence in the areas of choreography and leadership. I had also prayed and asked to Lord to lead me to a mentor that would help encourage and teach me the art of dance ministry helping to propel me to a new level with Him and what He has planned for me. Pastor Lynn has been such a great blessing. She has imparted so much wisdom through her videos and well as the chats. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to take their gift to a new level. Not only will they gain more wisdom on dance ministry, but will experience a greater level of intimacy with the Lord.
  • Jerry - PA
    This course is an amazing journey to foster dance ministries to shape their dance artistry by developing and strengthening it through a variety of teachings. Dancing for Him School is not just another online school. It is a place where you will learn and develop techniques and ideas, and activate them with excellence. Pastor Lynn equips and encourages you to move in your gifting purposefully. She also teaches you how to execute everything with confidence, and remain focus. Pastor Lynn is an anointed minister and teacher who has inspired many (including myself) to walk in their God-given calling no matter what gets in the way. It was an honor to be under her wing this year. I was so blessed!
  • Monita - Dubai
    Dancing for Him on line school has been and always will be a blessing to me and to whom has the heart to dance for God. I have learned a lot and most importantly understood God uses me to express His heart to touch other people's hearts. Thanks Pastor Lynn again and again... Love, Monita
  • Sarah - MO
    Finding this course to become certified in worship dance was an answered prayer! Before I came across this opportunity, God lead me through a season of awakening this passion and calling of worship dance. He kept me hidden, building intimacy in that sweet secret place, and first developed my heart as a true worshiper. One of my prayers during that time was that I could connect with people who shared this desire to worship in the dance to teach me, attend conferences and receive training. I had no idea what that would look like...but the Lord provided this online course for me as part of answering that prayer in His perfect timing. :)
    It has been a great experience and I have learned so much! Not only have I learned more dance technique and movement ideas from ballet and modern dance exercises, but I have also learned exercises to strengthen my muscles and develop more flexibility to help my dance become more graceful. I have gained so much insight into choreography after watching and studying various tips and techniques from the videos and books. I feel more confident in my calling, because I have more knowledge of these concepts and scriptures pertaining to dance. I have enjoyed the challenge of 'video teaching' some of these concepts I learn, because I learn better when I can teach it! I have also enjoyed having goals to meet in turning in assignments, as I worked on choreographed dances to present. I am so thankful I had this opportunity. :)
  • Reyna - PA
    Pastor Lynn Hayden of Dancing For Him is truly an anointed dancer and teacher. What the Lord has done through her obedience to see excellence restored to dance ministries across the nations is amazing. I personally loved the course. The course is by no means easy:), however it challenges, teaches, and pushes the worship dancer to grow and learn their craft well.

    The syllabus was very easy to follow. The community and relationships formed via the Facebook page and made during attendance at conferences is wonderful. I enjoyed attending the conferences because I was able to see practical application to what I had already begun to learn in my own living room via her DVD’s and in reading her books.

    Having telephone conference calls was also helpful. It enables all the students to submit questions on a monthly basis and receive various ideas, opinions, and feedback from fellow course members.

    I have, and will continue to, recommend this course to many people. I can personally attest to the growth in myself spiritually, physically and with my dance. Gods word instructs us to study and show thyself approved....her school is the perfect way to have credentials to back up your craft. I have learned SO much it's incredible and Pastor Lynn makes you so comfortable and is always willing to help with anything she can. It truly has been a blessing and an answer to prayer! Praise God!

    I believe this coursework is not something you complete and move on and never look back. The beauty of her resources is that they are an endless fountain of information and ideas. Consistent review and renewed study periodically is something I plan to do and would encourage others to do as well.
  • Cyndi - SC
    I have been the Director/Leader of a dance ministry for at least nine years now. I have not had any formal dance training. When I found out that DFH was offering a school I knew I had to attend. I am so glad I did. I have learned so much. I have been to quite a few DFH conferences and have always come away blessed and having learned new things. I have now had some dance training from a wonderful teacher and feel more confident in my leadership position and the things that I will be able to teach in the ministry now will help us to grow and come out of comfort zones and know how to listen and be more creative in our worship. This is the best thing I could have done. If you are a leader or a team member and need some training or just a fresh anointing then you need the DFH online school.
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