These continuing education courses in ballet technique are several series of classes (previously done online, but recorded in HD, edited and expanded) presented in a progressive style (each class adding on to technique from the previous class). Yet each class has unique nuances. They are taught by Pastor Lynn Hayden in an 'in home setting,' showing that you too, may enjoy participating in dance classes in the comfort of your own home. The ballet technique classes are designed to be completed in 4-9 weeks (relative to the size of each course). But you may study and practice at whatever pace you desire (up to 6 months for certification; up to 1 year for audit). 

Each Course in Ballet Technique includes a series of classes (4-9) varying with primarily:
Barre Work - Warming and Strengthening the Feet and Legs
Standing Center Floor Work (Varies, with Adagio, Petite Allegro, Pirouette (turn) prep, Turn practice, Balance')
Larger Across the floor movements (Grande Allegro)
Reverence (Honoring the Lord)


These courses are highly recommended for those who have graduated from the DFH online school, to maintain your license. However, you do not have to be a part of the DFH school to enroll in these continuing education courses.

Each class, in each course series is broken down into at least two videos:

  • The entire edited class from start to finish (Approximately one hour and 10 minutes to an hour and 20 minutes each).
  • The entire class (further edited down) without instruction, showing just the movements, without stopping, for a great workout (Approximately 40 - 50 minutes each). It is important to hear all the instruction and practice the class with instruction, before moving on to the straight through version.
  • In these in depth courses, you will:

Gain more flexibility 
Increase your strength
Improve your posture
Learn ballet terminology and technique 
Have increased confidence in the way you move
Gain a movement vocabulary
Have a great workout in a genre you love 

Just having that arsenal of movement resident inside of you will enhance your ability to choreograph as Holy Spirit inspires you with a dance. More than just taking an in-depth course, it is a wealth of valuable information that will help you grow in your call to dance before the Lord.



I am enjoying your modern class so much. You have excellent pacing and very clear instruction. Your creativity is wonderful. I would think anyone could join with little, a lot or no dance background. I am older and danced in my earlier years and love the challenge of seeing what I learned years ago in a modern class with Graham technique. I feel such an anointing after the class I savor the time with the Lord. I love the choreography and feel so connected to the Lord with your choice of worship music. Thank you  so much. I feel more confident that aging will never be dull but vibrant and fun. I look forward to the next session. Blessings, Karen P

Pastor Lynn's Modern class has been the highlight of my week. I have developed my choreographic vocabulary to fresh and spirit-filled movement. Each class's strengthening workout has been essential to executing movement with precision and power. The facilitation of well versed dance movements has expanded my communication and clarity as a dancer. Modern with Pastor Lynn is simply more than I could have imagined. I've been truly blessed and already signed up for my next class. Ishmael H. 

I love taking these dance classes with Pastor Lynn!! It has really strengthened me as a dancer physically as well as spiritually! I have taken modern and ballet with her for one year, after a two year hiatus of not being able to dance (due to a leg and arm surgery as well as other health problems).  Now, a year later, I am still with her and feel better than ever! She has such a sweet anointing from God over her classes and her friendly, easy-going personality makes every class so fun and challenging. I highly recommend taking these classes if you want to gain strength, better dance technique, get closer to God and get in better shape! -Amy H.

Where do I begin? This class has been a God send!  Pastor Lynn provides a solid foundation in technique and the mechanics of dancing. Certainly, it is worthwhile investment, as you learn as well as strengthen your mind and body. Jump right in and you will never be the same! Vivienne - NY



May the blessings of the Lord overtake you!