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Dancer 2 - The Bride - CD - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Dancer 2 - The Bride - CD - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD
Price: $16.00
Sale Price: $10.98

Dancer 2 - The Bride - CD - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Product Description:

This version is for digital download only.
PARABLE OF THE DANCER: THE PURSUIT OF GRACE is the story of a lady who, as a child, lived in a highland meadow listening to the music of the Great Shepherd.  She had never seen Him but loved Him dearly.  His was beautiful music, the ancient music of creation, and she danced with delight.
As she grew older, she grew restless, ran away to the Carnival City where the lights glittered and flashed.  She was The Dancer, happy and famous and when the music ended, she found she was only a slave.  But the Great Shepherd had not forgotten her, pursued her, purchased her freedom and led her out of the Carnival City.  As the brokenness of her heart was washed away, she began to worship Him and once again, she danced.
As they walked together, the lady and her unseen Shepherd, she learned to hear His voice and to sense the yearning of His heart.  She followed Him back to the Carnival City.  As He called out to the captive dancers, she spoke His Word.  He reached out, she became His hands.  In pouring out her life as a servant of the Shepherd, she discovered that she is really His Bride.  
These two work wonderfully together as a set. Order Parable of the Dancer as well.
Below is a clip from this CD - Wedding Song/Song of the Bride/Shepherd's Theme

Go through the regular check out process. At the end, when you get your receipt, you'll see a red link that says, "Download Now." Click on that button and it will deliver to you a zip file to your download folder or on your desk top. 

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1 5 out of 5 stars by on February 22nd 2013

So Touching

Length of ownership: 1 week-1 month

Pros: Dear Lynn, I played one of the CDs-Dancer 2 The Bride this morning. It was so touching, I felt the Lord whispered His understandings and deep cares of me and I cry in midst of His tenderly love. As I worship Him, I felt peace because of His presence strengthened me. The narrations (I teared over and over) and the songs in this CD are well knitted. There were great burdens in my heart in the morning but as I started to draw close to Him, His love and strength pours out onto me. The yoke in my heart was cast away. I continue my day with a renewed spirit.

Cons: none

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