Subjects Covered

As you move forward in your destiny, you'll need tools to help you grow into that call. This School of the Bible course will cover the book of Revelation...

The Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit - Because the Holy Spirit is God and shares in all attributes of Deity, He is therefore infinite and can pour Himself into a million vessels performing a million ministries and not be diminished. 

Yet for all His presence and activity, we tend to have only a vague concept of God the Holy Spirit. Our objective in this course is to examine the person and ministry of the Third Person of the Trinity so that we may know Him better and fellowship with Him more truly.

Certificate or Audit
You may choose to audit these courses and study at your own pace and not receive a certificate. But you must make your intention known during your enrollment. 

However, to receive a certificate, you will need to accomplish the following during the allotted time frame (by October 24th). But you must make your intention known during your enrollment. 

Study Questions
Each week after watching the recorded lesson and/or reading the lesson, there will be related study questions to reinforce your understanding.

Each trimester there will be a:

Ministry Presentation Assignment - Video Upload
Either create a dance, mime, human video, or some sort of presentation that would be done on a platform that relates to one of the topics in this month's study. OR Find one on Youtube, done by someone else. Write or speak about how it relates to the message and paste its link in Moodle and the private Facebook page.

and a:

Ministry Activation Assignment - Written
Based on that month's bible study, choose one of the topics and create a related ministry activation. Paste your (minimum 200 word) essay in Moodle.