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It is highly recommended and encouraged for you to have already graduated from both Level 1 as well as  Level 2 of the Dancing For Him Ministries Worship Dance School. Although, anyone with a desire to go deeper in the Word may register.

If you have completed Levels 1 and 2 of the DFH online school, you may enroll in Level 3 of the DFH school at the same time as any course in the School of the Bible if you choose. Likewise, if you've completed Level 3 in the DFH school, you may enroll in Level 4 and any Bible course. 

While not required, it is recommended and encouraged for you to go through the Foundations in Faith course before doing the other Bible courses.

  • You must have a good grasp on how to use a computer, as it is an online school.
  • You must be familiar with how to search for videos on Youtube.
  • You must be familiar with Facebook and have a personal Facebook page.


For the Bible School, you'll be required to attend the Graduation Conference (normally last conference of the year, usually in November). Find conferences HERE.

Attendance purpose is to carry out, practice and demonstrate some of the creative assignments with the group that will be in attendance. About a month before the conference, you'll be assigned an activation. 

If you live outside of North or South America, you may be excused from the conference requirement, though we'd love to see you. However, the activations must be clearly demonstrated as well as explained in your video uploads. 


Each week there will be a written (notes) and  recorded lesson with Pastor Wil. This is where you may watch and listen to him teach the lesson. You may watch or listen to the recording while reading the notes. This is recommended for better reinforcement in learning and retaining the information. 

There will be video uploads (only 1/trimester of school - 1 every 3 months). Or you may find related videos in Youtube and paste it's link.  These will be uploaded into Youtube (or found in Youtube), then pasted into the private DFH Bible School Facebook page (for peer review and encouragement); and the DFH Bible School Level 2 page in Moodle. Any and all essays and/or videos may be placed as examples in DFH newsletters, web site or blogs, ads for conferences, school, etc. 

Based on that trimester's bible study, choose only one of the topics and create a related MINISTRY ACTIVATION. Paste your essay in Moodle and send it to your AP (accountability partner) for review. 


Depending on the number of students in the class, you will have an "AP Buddy" in Bible School,  who you get to encourage, help and support. They will likewise do the same for you. 

    Must be paid by December 31st of the appropriate year, before beginning January 10th.

    Each Bible School Course - $325

    Depending on the number of students in the class, you will have an "AP Buddy." This will be someone who is taking a Bible School course as well. They are there to encourage, help and support you. They will read your essays and watch your video uploads. Pastor Lynn will possibly occasionally look in the Facebook page to see some of the uploads. You would likewise do the same for them. This has proven to be very helpful and encouraging as you go through the course.  

    To do well, you'll need to allow an average of about an hour a day, a couple days a week. Just like brushing your teeth or eating, creating a habit of setting aside that time will get you through successfully. Life will always try to crowd things out, unless we make a determination for disciplined success. You must be dedicated and seriously prepared to put in the quality time needed.  Here are some encouraging words from a previous student about her successful study time. It will be below the video testimonials on that page.

    You will be glad you will have made the effort! Be sure to count the cost and pray about the commitment.