Step 1 - Requirements

Will Your Church Work?

If you can answer these next few questions affirmatively, then we can proceed to the remaining steps.

  1. Will your sanctuary or fellowship hall hold 30-50 "moving" people? 
  2. Does the sanctuary have movable chairs? 
  3. Does this sanctuary area have an excellent sound system already in place (able to play an iPod from the platform)? Sound quality is utmost! 
  4. Does your church have a “hands free” microphone (head set or lapel)?
  5. Does your church also have a wireless microphone?
  6. Does the sanctuary have a platform? 
  7. Is your church less than 60 minutes from a major airport?
  8. Are the hotels less than 15 minutes away from the church?
  9. Are there restaurants less than 10 minutes away from the church?
  10. Is there plenty of parking?
  11. Do you have access to at least 5 cafeteria type tables and table cloths?
  12. Do you have a dance team or a small group of volunteers that would be willing to help Dancing For Him before, during and after the event (set up; clean up; transportation, etc.)? 
  13. Do you have someone with a good working knowledge of the sound system, who could help on Friday afternoon (for sound check) and Saturday night (for the concert)?
  14. Are you and your church/team confident that you can spread the word and encourage at least 20 people to be full paid participants in the event (from your church and local area churches, on your social networks and email lists)? 
  15. Is your church within the continental US? If not, there are different requirements.

Important Details

For more important details specific to the conference set up, please read through STEP 3 - SET UP. It is important that you eventually read all the hosting details found on these pages.

Now on to: Step 2 - Secure A Date...