Step 2 - Secure A Date

Conferences must be posted 8 months to one year in advance. Please follow these steps to secure a conference date:

  1. First, we will need a confirmation email from you stating that the Pastor or administrator is in absolute agreement about hosting and has a good understanding of all the requirements listed in STEP 1.  In the letter you must state that all leadership in the church has placed it on their ministry calendar, so all ministries within the church are aware of the upcoming event. It can not be cancelled for any reason.
  2. Once you get permission/agreement from your leadership, contact Pastor Lynn about any dates that may still be available, so she can pray about it. Not every inquiry results in a conference. She prays about each event. Then you will receive a list of dates that are available, from which you and your leadership may choose. 
  3. Once we all have agreed on a solid date, then we will need a list of local information from you. We can not hold open any dates for anyone. This information must be received and process must be completed no later than 7 months before the conference dates. If it is not received, then you will lose those dates and we must look at the possibility of the following year.

Only when we will have gone through all the steps and I have the Step 3 confirmation page, will I reserve a space.

  • Once I receive the local information on the completed confirmation form on step 3, I will post it on the DFH web site and no one else may take your time slot. Once it is posted, only then it becomes official and we can begin spreading the word!
  • It is vital that the leadership is completely supportive of your effort. Please make sure that the conference dates are on all church leaders’ calendars, so there will not be any conflicts.

Please fill out the form in STEP 3 as soon as you have permission.