Hand-Dyed Silk Flags (Set of 2)

Hand-Dyed Silk Flags (Set of 2)
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Hand-Dyed Silk Flags (Set of 2)Hand-Dyed Silk Flags (Set of 2)Hand-Dyed Silk Flags (Set of 2)
Hand-Dyed Silk Flags (Set of 2)Hand-Dyed Silk Flags (Set of 2)Hand-Dyed Silk Flags (Set of 2)
Hand-Dyed Silk Flags (Set of 2)Hand-Dyed Silk Flags (Set of 2)Hand-Dyed Silk Flags (Set of 2)
Hand-Dyed Silk Flags (Set of 2)Hand-Dyed Silk Flags (Set of 2)Hand-Dyed Silk Flags (Set of 2)
Hand-Dyed Silk Flags (Set of 2)

Hand-Dyed Silk Flags (Set of 2) Product Description:

Wave Offering - Hebrew word, TNUWPHAH combined with primitive root NUWPH (Wave; Wave Offering; Move; Lift Up; the undulation of sacrificial offerings; wave; to move to and fro; to swing, wield, brandish against; to be waved; of God’s hand, weapons; as a perfume of fire that drives out the occupant (enemy).

EXODUS 29:24 And thou shalt put all in the hands of Aaron, and in the hands of his sons; and shalt wave them [for] a wave offering before the LORD.

  • Worship Dance Flags or commonly known as Praise Dance Banners are waved! They are a lovely addition to your worship dance that add dimension, fluidity, variety and interest. You can do many different patterns of movement with two flags, especially by holding one in each hand.
  • A more accurate picture of the ones that are available, may be seen in this video and in the photos. The photographs and video show medium sized flags, in both colors. See the current color options below. They are breathtakingly beautiful and are much nicer in person!
  • They are individually hand made in the US, coming in lightly flowing synthetic silk material. These beautiful flags are lightweight silk worship banners. The poles are flexible quills sewn into the silk that give the appearance of a fluttering wing. 
  • The best size for the dancer is really what the individual is comfortable with. 
  • Since each flag is individually hand dyed, one set may vary slightly from another set. However, if you purchased several sets together or even at another time, they will flow together nicely. 

The current colors choices are (see photos):

RIVER - Varying shades of blue with hints of white (Different manufacturer, lower price, limited quantity, email for selection and availability)

FIRE - Varying shades of orange, red and yellow

OTHER - (VARIETY OF COLORS - Different manufacturer, lower price, limited quantity, email for selection and availability)

The specific sizes and price additions are:

Medium - 36" X 41" 

Learn all about flags and flag dances in the DVD's: Perfume of Fire and/or Praise, Worship and Flag Dances.  You'll also appreciate the Processionals, Props and Pageantry Book.

Please choose your type and color in the drop down lists, upon check out. Order yours today! You will absolutely love them!

Please note: Because others' products are in the store, does not mean anyone at DFH has tried on, used, read or watched any of the others' products. Thanks and blessings!!

Creation Time

Please allow 3-4 weeks for creation (depending on how many items in your order). If there are many billows, garments, flags or streamers in one order, please allow more time to create. For large orders and for a rush order, please call about availability, price and time frame: 863-398-8161 Thanks!  Once they are finished being sewn and packaged, then your shipping time will begin.  They will more than likely come sooner than that, but this is a safeguard should there be a huge influx of orders.

Flag Return Policy

We very much appreciate your business. Due to the customized nature of these hand made silk flags, there are no returns.

Please make sure you have read the product information thoroughly, looked at the photos, watched the video clip and that you are certain this is appropriate to suit your needs. We also suggest you pray about your decision as to which products the Lord may want you to have to enhance your ministry unto Him.

There will ONLY be returns if there is a material defect, such as a tear, flaw or hole in fabric. There will be no returns if you did not choose correctly or selected the incorrect kind or did not like the color, as each flag is made individually by hand. 

Flag Shipping Options

These may come directly from the seamstress (not from the DFH shipping office). It may be shipped and arrive separately from any other DFH products you order. Since they will not be coming through the DFH shipping office, please ONLY select Priority Mail upon check out. Please do NOT choose UPS or any other faster service. If you choose anything else, besides Priority Mail, it will still be sent Priority Mail. If you choose a lower priced option, you will be charged the difference.

You may also purchase DVD's, books and music in the same order, but if you do, we ask that you still please only select Priority Mail if your order includes billows, streamers, flags or garments. Thank you. A DVD, book or music though, may arrive to you by First Class Mail, depending on weight. 

Please note: DFH Books and DVD's are typically shipped next business day (please read the shipping guide upon check out for DFH books and DVD's). However, billows, streamers, flags and garments will be shipped after the creation time (see creation time specifications).

Drop Down Lists & Check Out

To pass to the next check out screen, you must choose something from EACH drop down list. For example: Please select your color first.  Then choose the size. 

Additions may be done in the drop down lists upon check out. If you want say 2 sets of one color and 1 set in another color, go ahead and place one color choice (any color) in the shopping cart and then "continue shopping." Come back to this page and add the other color (any number in the quantity box) to your cart.

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1 5 out of 5 stars by on June 12th 2016

Hand-dyed Silk Flags

Length of ownership: 1 month-1 year

Pros: I just love the set of orange Fire flags I got at a recent DFH conference!! I have been waving them over my city for God`s Glory to come!! And use them in worship and fellowship time.... they are great. Easy to carry and take along as the flexible rods make it easy to pack them small or carry in a backpack and then when they unfold they become expansive and glorious!!.

2 5 out of 5 stars by on June 4th 2016

Beautiful flowing fire flags

Length of ownership: 1 month-1 year

Pros: These silk flags are awesome! I purchased a pair of the fire colors at a DFH conference and they are light weight flowing on long quills. Use them to fan the flames of revival and to invite the fire of God into the place of worship.

Cons: None

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