Hand Dyed Silk Veil/Prayer Shawl

Hand Dyed Silk Veil/Prayer Shawl
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Hand Dyed Silk Veil/Prayer ShawlHand Dyed Silk Veil/Prayer ShawlHand Dyed Silk Veil/Prayer Shawl
Hand Dyed Silk Veil/Prayer ShawlHand Dyed Silk Veil/Prayer ShawlHand Dyed Silk Veil/Prayer Shawl

Hand Dyed Silk Veil/Prayer Shawl Product Description:

NOTE: ALL SILK ITEMS WILL BEGIN CREATION AFTER JANUARY 1, 2024. You may still order now, but please know that they won't be created until after January 1st. Then please allow 2-4 weeks for creation and shipping. Thanks!

Our customers have bought veils and used them as dance veils, but they have also been used as prayer shawls, neck scarves and head wraps/scarves.
WASHING INSTRUCTIONS - Hand wash gently with a gentle soap in cool water. Hang to dry. Iron with a hot iron.
COLORS - Please choose up to 4 colors, your 1st choice should be what you want your main color to be.  Or you can let us pray for you and create a surprise.  Our 35 X 84 veils are made of 5mm Habotai Silk.  They are dyed with an ice dyeing technique using a fiber reactive dye. 
JUST A FEW EXAMPLES - The possibilities are endless...

Creation Time

Please allow 2-4 weeks for creation (depending on how many items in your order). If there are many veils, billows, garments, flags or streamers in one order, please allow more time to create. For large orders and for  a rush order, please call about availability, price and time frame: 863-398-8161 Thanks!  Once they are finished being sewn and packaged, then your shipping time will begin.  They will more than likely come sooner than that, but this is a safeguard should there be a huge influx of orders.

Return Policy

There will be no returns if you did not choose correctly or do not like the color, as each veil is made individually by hand. Please know that colors on computer monitors vary widely.  Also, please know that colors and patterns are random. Each veil is unique and custom made just for you. Also, sometimes you will see unique or different spots.  This is from the dye and is a natural part of the dying process.  We like to think of them as "Angel kisses".

Shipping Options

US ORDERS:  Special/custom orders will come directly from the seamstress (not from the DFH shipping office). It will be shipped and arrive separately from any other DFH products you order. You may also purchase DVD's, TShirts and books in the same order, but if you do, please know it may arrive to you by another shipping method, depending on weight. 

Please note: DFH Books, T-shirts and DVD's are typically shipped next business day (please read the shipping guide upon check out for DFH books and DVD's). However, billows, veils, streamers, flags and garments (items made by other people) will be shipped after the creation time (see creation time specifications).  This is unless, Dancing For Him has some of these items in stock, in which case, they will be sent right away all in the same package. 

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Silk Flags, Silk Billows, Silk Veils will not be shipped outside of US boarders, unless they are in stock at DFH. If they are special ordered from the seamstress, please know that they will not be shipped internationally. You may want to contact DFH to see if what you desire is in stock at the DFH store. Thank you.

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