school of the bible - LEVEL 1 

Dancing For Him School of the Bible - Level 1
The purpose of the School of the Bible is to assist you in the disciplined study of Scriptural truth and to encourage you as you express truth through artistic creativity — learning truth and translating truth into creative expression. Upon successful completion of the course, you'll receive a certificate of completion.
In an age characterized by lies, it’s important to know the truth. To a generation encompassed in  darkness, it is crucial that we express truth with the rhythms and colors and passions of grace, dancing past defenses, planting seeds of light in the deepest places of the heart.
Our purpose is not simply to acquire information but to grow in the grace and knowledge and likeness of Jesus so that we may walk as children of light in a dark world, shining forth the glory of Jesus. 

School year Session 1: January 10th through October 24th 

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  • Lolita A.
    I am so thankful for having took the Bible College course of the Dancing for Him School. Pastors Will and Lynn are a dynamic duo when it comes to bringing the Word and Movement together for God's designed purpose. The lessons from Faith to Attributes to the Ministry and Life of Jesus, took me on a magnificient journey! I am also thankful, that the live teachings were recorded, for me to go back and listen at my pace and hear the wonderful testimonies. Many thanks to my friend, who encouraged me to join! This was a very unexpected, transformational journey of my life, that I will never forget. Blessings
  • Brad Worrell
    Course Evaluation School Of The Bible 2019
    Brad Worrell AP Nancy Skye

    What an awesome, awesome time this has been this year. I do a lot of studying outside on my own but being in this class, in this course was absolutely mind-blowing. I know I say over and over again Pastor Will’s insight into the scriptures is just absolutely mind-blowing. Things that we read over and over and over again, it’s almost like they become cliche, “Yeah, yeah we know the story.” The way Pastor Will dives into it, it looks into it, and shows you things that were in plain sight, that you never noticed is just mind-blowing. One interesting side note, along with some of the outside study that I do, it was amazing, as we went along through the year, everything kept with each other. It was really interesting. I'd have learned something over on some of the other stuff I was doing and then that would be the next thing we were doing in the Bible School. It was really, really awesome! We are so blessed to have Pastor Will as a teacher for this course and we are always blessed to have Pastor Lynn. I can not recommend this course enough! It's incredible! Just the realization of things that are in the scripture that you don't always see, but how you can look at it just a little bit different than our preconceived notions and it’s just like the lights come on! I cannot recommend this course enough! It has been a fun, fun course! It has been great sitting with my fellow students, doing the ministry presentations and ministry activations. It's been quite an adventure! Thank you for watching. Be blessed, Stay creative and keep Dancing for Him.
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