CEI (Continuing Education Intensive)

This is your 2nd conference requirement. Attendance purpose is to carry out, practice and demonstrate some of the assignments with the group that will be in attendance.

For example: your essay or upload may explain what you would do for these assignments, but you can actually "do" it at the graduation conference(s), with the other students. Examples may be: Artistic Ministry; Prophetic Dance, Dance Composition, etc. 

For various courses, you'll need to create related activations in:
Artistic Worship
Artistic Ministry
Prophetic Dance, On the Spot and In the Spirit with Pastor Wil Bozeman's live bible lessons (creating a ministry activation right after listening to one of his messages). You'll be given a very basic outline of the topic of the lesson, so you may be prepared ahead of time. The 'on the spot' part will be listening to him teach, while listening to the Holy Spirit as to how to better do your activation.
Dance Composition and Choreography Technique

Those who register for the graduation conference first will be given their assignment topics first. Not all students will get to do all of these topics. Generally, each student will only get to do one, maybe two, depending on the number of Level 3 and 4 graduates there are. 

Since the graduation conferences are comprised primarily of DFH students and alumni, you will have groups of people on whom to perform your activations. These are wonderful opportunity to get hands on experience.

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