Subjects Covered

As you move forward in your destiny, you'll need tools to help you grow into that call. In the Level 3 and Level 4 courses, you'll study many aspects of running a ministry, discovering what will work best for you and gain some hands on experience during the required conferences/classes/events. These courses will be divided up throughout Levels 3 and 4. Here is a sampling of what you'll be working on, during these courses: 

  • Prayer and Movement
  • Transforming Journey 
  • Ballet III
  • Artistic Ministry
  • Webinars - Online Workshops, Seminars
  • Timbrels and Dance
  • Move of the Month
  • Modern II, More - DFH Movement Connection
  • Dance Composition Delving
  • A Bride Made Ready
  • Mighty Works of Jesus
  • Let it Flow: Streamers
  • Figures, Funding and Finance
  • Research Marketing - Social Spread
  • What's Next? Moving Forward
  • Choreography, Dynamic Diagramming: Solo, Duet, Group
  • On the Spot and In the Spirit: With Flags, Prophetic, With Groups - Live Bible Study (done during graduation conference or during a CEI)
  • All About Conferences: Prayer and Planning, Web Design, Ad/Poster/Handout Creation, Spread Sheet Set up, Clear Communication, Leading/Teaching/Timing, Travel/Set Up, Hosting, Plan/Create Your Own
  • Product Creation: Prayerful Conceptualization, Planning/Pieces and Parts, Put it together & Production
  • Possibly Be Chosen to be Featured and promote your ministry on the DFH Movement Connection
  • and More...

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