Webinars - Online Workshops, Seminars

Pray about a topic to discuss. You may use the same topic that you will be using in your DVD creation, if you like.

The topic should be catchy with a small number of "solutions." For example: 10 Best Tips For Dance Presentation OR 5 of the pitfalls to avoid in dance ministry, OR 3 Most Important Tips for Conflict Resolution. But talk about something you know about.

Type out the tip titles. Save it to show during your webinar.

Create a free account on Zoom.com.

Write an outline.

Making it very clear and easy for you to read on your screen while you talk.

Keep it short (about 30 minutes). Practice what you will say.

Create a poster.

Do it in the publishing software on your computer. There should be templates there. Be sure to include the time, date, topics/title, your name and name of your ministry, if you have one. Keep it clean and simple looking. 

Set up the webinar in Zoom.

This is a very easy process. 

Post your poster in our level 3 FB page, inviting us to join. Make it a time that is convenient for you. We may or may not be able to watch, but it gives you practice. 

About a week before your webinar, post the webinar directions. In Zoom, you'll just click "copy" and then paste it into L3 FB page. 

Do the webinar.

Begin about 5 minutes before, welcome people. At the start time, press 'record.' Have fun! 

Even if you are the only one on the webinar, still talk as if it is a group, because when people go to listen to the recording, you will be talking to them. 

What to do with the recording

It records onto your desk top as an M4v file, I believe. I usually drag it into my video editing software and upload it to Youtube. Then I take the Youtube link and post that to the Facebook page. 

But if you can not do that, or don't have that capability, do not be concerned. 

Please let us know what you did do HERE.