Level 3 Student Information

Welcome back! The purpose of this page is to explain all the instructions, assignments and information (from the welcome letter and basic information page in the web site) in more detail. You may come back to this page and the others, whenever you have questions about these things. I hope you find it helpful.

It is divided up by semester and/or month. Please read through the General Guidelines before going through all the Semester breakdowns. You may come back to this page whenever you have questions about these things. Please read the entire page, to get a general overview, before beginning. I recommend reading it through in its entirety at least twice. Please be sure to keep the link to this page because there is no access to it from the web site. 


Once school begins, there will be a PDF with a handy check list, located at the top of our Level 3 group Facebook page, inside of the "Files" tab. This will be the same check list that Renee will be using to keep track of your assignments. You'll probably want to print it out and check mark as you go. Remember it is always best to review the Guidelines and Semester pages to know what assignments to do and only use the check list, as a check list.


I'd like, sometime the first month of school (between January 10th and February 1st), to have a phone chat/webinar only with Level 3, so we may discuss your page together. If at all possible try to be in front of your computer while we are on the call, so we can all look together. The specific date and time was in your welcome letter. 

We will be having a chat for level 1 and level 2, as well to go over guidelines and their level pages. It would be most helpful if you could make it to that chat as well to go over the guidelines, especially and also to lend support and make suggestions for the new students. Thanks.

Intro Video

Sometime between January 10th and February 1st, please upload a very brief, 4-5 minute Youtube introduction video of yourself and post it on the Level 1 Facebook page. Be sure to mention that you are a level 3 student. Mention your name, where you are from, name of ministry if you have one, or you are a part of one, maybe how long you've been dancing or what sort of training, if any, etc. Then mention why you decided to go on to Levels 2/3 and what you hope to gain from the course. Maybe offer Level 1 students some encouragement. Also, please mention for whom you are an accountability partner, so they will know who you are. It may not hurt to practice keeping it under 6 minutes :)

Level 3 Subjects and Study Timeline

General Guidelines - Very Important!


The above guidelines page is for Levels 1 and 2. Since you have already been through both levels, you already have an idea about the guidelines, but it wouldn't hurt to look them over to help your mentees. The directions for your course material is on the Subject Timeline page in the link with each subject's title. It is a good idea to look through the Level 1 and 2 guidelines again, so as someone's AP, you will be familiar with it.

We will go over it all on your orientation phone chat, but please read, study and understand it all first. It would be wise to book mark this and your assignment page, so you may refer to both of them often. Thanks!

The first phone chat, we'll go over all of the level 1 assignment page, which includes these guidelines. We'll go specifically over your assignments on our separate chat. 

All assignments must be turned in by the end of each month/semester as your Subject Timeline will show. It is imperative that all assignments be turned in on time. While this is more of a self study and you will be expected to turn things in on time, this will be a time to learn discipline and avoid procrastination, which is a good leadership trait anyway. It is preferred that you steep yourself in the information (not just skim through quickly at the end to get the certificate) and spend time getting to know the other students and Pastor Lynn. It is an intense course and having the discipline to turn your assignments in on time will help you be relieved of any pressure at the end of the year. However, there will be absolutely positively no grace for anything turned in after October 24th of the appropriate year. If something is turned in after, you will not graduate.


Try to avoid 'natural procrastination,' when turning in assignments. This is to help relieve some pressure. When people put off assignments until the end of the school year, or even the end of a semester, it puts tremendous pressure on them to finish. By having strict due dates for assignments, it will keep you on track, prevent procrastination, lower pressure and best of all, helps you to steep in the materials, so you may learn and grow. Please plan out your study time carefully. It is wise to set aside a certain, regular time every day for study.

LEVEL 3 - Please know that the information below is based on the one year plan. So for the three year plan... When below says one month, that is equivillent to 3 months. When it says semester below, for the 3 year plan, please know it means year. You'll get used to the conversion of time. But the same rules apply for your appropriate time frames.

  1. The school is divided up into 3 semesters. Within each of the semesters, the assignments are divided up by month and sub divided by week. There are approximately 3-4 related subjects per month. So, that is around one product or product grouping per week. Most months, there are approximately 3 assignments/month. This will give you opportunity to catch up (if absolutely necessary) on the 4th or 5th week of that month. Assignments are due by the end of each respective week within the month underwhich they are listed. The weeks are numerical. For example: Week one begins on the first of that month and ends on day 7. Week 2 begins on the 8th and ends on the 14th and so on.  It is preferred that you hand things in during the week, but the last day of the week is when they are finally due. 
  2. Each week, within each month, you'll have assignments due. Once all school levels are fully functioning in the new Moodle program, we hope to implement a numerical reward system for turning things in on time. But until that time, a $15 late fee will be billed for each month that assignments will not have been turned in by the end of that month. The bill will be sent right after each quarter. We just STRONGLY encourage you to turn things in on time on your own. This is for your own benefit to receive the most out of your educational experience.
  3. You will have one week to 'prove' that you will have in fact sent in the missing assignment in question. Sometimes people may think they sent something or they sent something and it got stuck in cyberspace or any number of reasons. So if you can find and resend that assignment (showing its original 'send date'), you will be fine.
  4. All assignments are automatically dated in Moodle, on email and in Facebook. 
  5. Hopefully the due dates and knowing you will receive your certificate will be incentive enough to turn in assignments on time. You will graduate when everything, all assignments and requirements are turned in and all late fees paid. 

To reiterate about the late fee - The weekly due dates are a good guideline. However everything assigned within a particular month will be finally due by 12:00 Midnight (your time zone) of that particular month. Anything turned in 12:01AM the following day or later will be considered late and subject to the $15 late fee. The week after the end of each semester, if anything will have been late during the prior 3 months, you will receive a PayPal bill for the appropriate amount. Example: If 1 thing was late in February and 2 things late in March and nothing late in April, you would receive a bill of $30 ($15 for February and $15 for March). The bill will come (in this example) the first week in May. It is due upon receipt, in order to graduate. Again, this is a small incentive to help you stay on track to gain the most benefit from the school.


END OF 1ST SEMESTER - If after the completion of semester 1 (end of April), there will have been no assignments turned in, you will automatically be disqualified for graduation. Since receiving the Certificate and then potentially License, is about relationship and being immersed in the materials, it will take more time to study thoroughly (as outlined).

The assignments must be done in the order given on the assignment breakdown pages. It is strongly advised to not wait until the last minute. You may feel like you have plenty of time, but you will be very grateful if you pace yourself throughout each semester.

All assignments must be turned in weekly, during each month as the course outline will show. It is imperative that all assignments be turned in on time.

END OF 2ND SEMESTER -  Also, all assignments for semesters 1 and 2 must be submitted by the end of semester 2 to qualify for graduation/certification.  

This is a safeguard against people trying to wait until the last minute and trying to accomplish the entire school year in the few last months. This is totally unacceptable.

Each Level carries its own weight and intensity; and their content is meant to be studied completely (during the given time frame).  As well, the syllabi promote the leadership qualities of discipline and time management, and are structured in such a way as to bring the student to a deep engagement in the ministry of dance. The format is designed to help students grow in theory and in spirit.

To summarize… If NOTHING is turned in by end of 1st semester (end of April), you will be automatically disqualified from  graduation. At the same token, for those who had been turning in some assignments,  if EVERYTHING (that was due up through the second semester) is not turned in by end of 2nd semester, they will not graduate. So if we do not see any activity on your grading sheet by end of April, you will be disqualified. However, if you will have been turning in assignments, you must complete all the assignments up through the 2nd semester to graduate. 

To do well, setting aside an average of about an hour a day, five days a week will create a habit that can guarantee success. Life will always crowd things out unless a determination is made for disciplined success. You will be glad you will have made the effort! 


The Facebook page for Level 3 is called:  Level 3 DFH School

This is where you will be uploading your assignments. HOWEVER for level 3, you must upload YouTube videos. Please DO NOT upload directly from your computer to Facebook. Please, instead, upload to Youtube and copy the "share" link into your Level 3 Facebook page. If it is uploaded directly to Facebook, it will be deleted and you'll be asked to re-upload, using Youtube. Thank you. 

Since you already know how to do web checks, these are not required. However, please stay connected through the DFH Facebook Page, by commenting on the posts, forwarding, sharing, checking for accuracy, etc. I would so appreciate it.  If you see that it may be missing or the information doesn't match the DFH Web site's conference page or the dates are wrong or anything of a "needs fixing" nature, please let me know. Also, if you happen to notice a new conference on the DFH web site, but it is not in the DFH Facebook conference/events listing, please let me know that too. Thanks so much!

Accountability Partner Program (APP)


  • You must attend and serve at at the end of the year graduation conference. If you are doing the 3 year extended plan, please see the choices of how which 3 conferences to attend.
  • You will be asked to do an artistic ministry activation that you will have worked on earlier in the year; a dance composition activation; and possibly an "On the Spot and In the Spirit" activation. Please refer to your directions pages for specific instructions.
  • You may be asked to help demonstrate the flags, receive the Friday night offering, help demonstrate some of the modern dance technique or across the floor movements, hand me flags, give out kleenex, etc. 
  • You'll be asked to help with registration and/or product table, help with set up, break down, inventory, counting people off in groups, etc. 

Requirements for Level 3 Certificate

  • Successfully Complete the Level 3 course.

Primarily, it is a means by which you can prove accountability and a deeper level of understanding and ability as a dance minister. It carries a little more weight than just the certificate of completion.

DFH then becomes sort of your dance ministry covering, never to supersede your home church's covering, but as a secondary prayer covering and a place where you may turn to for help with your dance ministry.

 There would be a greater covenant relationship with DFH and Pastor Lynn. 

With that, please keep in touch. Let Pastor Lynn know now and then what you've been up to, with regard to your ministry.

Because you will be closely connected to DFH, you would serve, like a deacon in a church would - Ways you can serve... 

  • Reading current student's essays and watching video uploads, making positive comments (continuing to be an accountability partner).
  • Or maybe help run the camera when she is producing new videos.
  • Or help be in videos, etc.
  • Or help Pastor Lynn with online projects to facilitate the growth of DFH. Like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, iTunes, etc.
  • Help promote the ministry through social media
  • Host DFH conferences
  • Sell DFH products at your workshops 
  • Sell DFH products on your web site
  • Continue to visit the DFH FB page and make comments, or sharing events and such
  • As the Lord leads, seed no obligation offerings into DFH 

Course Review

In October, please do a video upload review of the Level 3 course and/or about the school courses as a whole. This would be short, like 2-3 minutes max. Say it as if you were enthusiastically talking to a friend about how much you liked the course and how it helped you in your call to dance for Him or how you've grown because of your participation.

You may read some of the others' evaluations that were written on the course information pages to get an idea.

Please try not to read something, but just speak from your heart.

Please post this on the Level 1 Facebook page.

It must be a YouTube link, so I could share it on the main web site as well. Thanks!


Graduation will be held at whatever conference location is scheduled typically for November, during your school year. Since this is a requirement for Level 3, you will receive your certificate there. Blessings on your journey through the school!

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