Product Creation

This will be a project where at the end of the school year, you will have produced your own educational digital download DVD. You may also use this process in your webinar assignment.

Prayerful Conceptualization

Pray about a topic you would like to teach. It should be related to worship dance/arts, somehow. It should be something that would be of interest to people in the worship arts. Research a bit to see what else is out there that is similar, so you know how to make yours different. Pray about a title and sub-title. Example: Prophetic Dance, sub title: Expressing the Father's Heart   Write it down and copy it HERE. This does not have to be 200 words. This is only to show that you have prayed about it and gotten a topic/title, etc. 

Planning, Pieces and Parts

Begin to plan and write down your outline. Be very detailed about it. It it is for example, how to make a flag, write down everything from choosing the right type of material, what supplies you will need, how to put it together, etc.  

Try to keep it around 60 minutes. If someone is going to buy it, you want it long enough with enough information to make it worth their money. Yet, you want it short enough to keep their attention. So just under an hour is good. 

Submit your outline HERE. 

Put it Together Production

Time to video tape! Get someone to "man" your camera. Even if you know you'll be in one spot. There is nothing worse than seeing someone go 'off camera.' Or from sitting to standing and their head is chopped off. But if you know that you know that you will not go off camera, make sure it is securely set up to capture what needs to be seen. Some of the same tips that were mentioned for your uploads should apply - good lighting, clean background, quiet space, etc.

Then it will be time to edit. Most computers now have a nice video editing program. For your titles, choose easy to read font (not something that is too italic or flourishing). It is not a good idea to put too many words on one screen. Simply put one or two words, for example:  (one screen) Dancing For Him Ministries presents... (second screen or title) Prophetic Dance Expressing the Father's Heart, (third screen) with Lynn Hayden, (4th screen) Part I What Is Prophetic Dance?  That's about it and then just go right into the teaching. 

When you are all finished, save it as an M4V file on your desk top. Then send it to or share it with me in Dropbox. Go to to open a free account, if you don't have one. 

I may choose yours to sell on my website, but there is no guarantee. If it does get chosen, you will receive 50% of the sales price. I encourage you to put it on your website too. If you don't have a website, I encourage you to create one.