On the Spot and in the Spirit

With Flags

Do a video upload. Include all 3 parts below in the same upload. Please try to keep it brief. Maybe about 1-3 minutes per part.  Upload it to Youtube, then share it to the Level III page in Facebook.

Part I - Go back to the Processionals, Props and Pageantry Book and find a section that refers to flags/banners/pageantry. Choose something from that area, study it and talk about it briefly on an upload. Maybe the significance of using flags in worship.

Part II - Talk about how you'd explain why we use flags during worship or in a dance, as if you are talking to someone who has never seen it before and wonders why it should even be in church. 

Part III - Pray ahead of time, about a song that ministers deeply to your heart. For your upload dance it spontaneously using flags. If you don't own flags, use scarves or anything that flows.

Prophetic Dance

Do a video upload. Please try to keep it brief. Upload it to Youtube, then share it to the Level III page in Facebook.

Part I - Come up with an exercise that could be done during the Prophetic Dance class at a conference. Talk about how you'd arrange people, what song you'd use, the significance of the song and its ministry. This is not an Artistic Ministry activation, but a prophetic dance exercise. So the song must be in first person. Talk about some tips and instructions you'd give the people about prophetic dance.

Part II - Find a song that speaks in first person. Pray before doing your upload. Dance the song toward your camera, as if you are ministering the Father's heart to the people watching in the camera. 

With Live Bible Study

This section must be done at a CEI, during graduation or a retreat.

Listen to Pastor Wil Bozeman's live teaching lesson. While you are listening intently to the message, also be praying about an activation for the people. When he finishes the teaching (usually about 10-15 minutes), you come up and give the people instructions.

Please bring a blue tooth enabled device with your music playlist, so you will have songs with which you are familiar. If you don't have that, I'll have plenty of music. This would work best though, if you have music readily available with which you are familiar. 

You've practiced this already by reading his books, The Worshipping Bride and the Pillars of Leadership. But this time, you won't know what the lesson is going to be about and must create the ministry activation "On the Spot and in the Spirit."

He usually does about 8 lessons over the course of a retreat weekend. So, we will write 1-8 on pieces of paper and you will draw a number with your fellow graduates. The number you get will be the lesson for which you create your artistic ministry activation. Don't panic. I'll be there to help. I had to do this for a retreat one time because I had no time to prepare. I was amazed at how wonderfully God came through!

So trust the Lord. You never know when you'll be called upon do do something for Him. We need to be ready in season and out of season.