Modern II, More - DFH Movement Connection

General Directions

This is identical to the Move of the Month directions except that you will be showing 1 count of 8 of something taken directly from the Modern Dance I or  Modern Dance II DVD and then adding 1 count of 8 that relate to that movement.

Each month (or semester if you are doing the extended track), you'll do an upload of yourself teaching 2 counts of 8 of movement. Each one will have a theme. So, the 2 counts of 8 it must contain that theme or section from the Modern II DVD (ie.- Floor Stretch or Across the floor).

It must contain these elements:

Greeting - Hello, my name is.... this is my Modern Dance More, move of the month for Dancing For Him Ministries, inspired from Pastor Lynn's Modern Dance DVDs.

Topic - Today's move will contain... Say the topic (ie. - Walks across the floor)

Demonstration - Show or do the initial count of 8 from the DVD, then the new count of 8 facing the camera - make sure the camera is back far enough that if you go to the floor, you will still be seen. One count of 8 must come directly from the Modern Dance II DVD, followed by a second count of 8 that relates.

Teach it - Break it down count by count from the back

Do it slowly - Do it slowly from the back

Do it quickly - Do it quickly from the back

Conclusion - Thank you for joining me today for this Modern dance More move of the month. Keep on dancing for Him!

You may want to review the Modern dance or Ballet DVDs or Youtube for ideas for your add on. But be sure to 'make it your own.' This means you can use the essence of movents you've seen but be sure to change something in it so as not to have plagiarized someone else's' work.

How the video should look

Because now you are in level III, your uploads (at least these) will be held to a higher standard. They may possibly get chosen to be seen in an actual DFH Move of the Month Club program that is in the behind the scenes, thinking/preparation stage. Therefore, they must meet the following requirements:

Dress - Please wear dark colored, modest dance wear. If you are wearing leotards and leggings for example that is good, but be sure to wear a long shirt or tunic and maybe shorts or pants over top, for modesty. Try to be monochromatic. In other words, try to be somewhat uniform and not say, pink pants a green top and purple shirt:) More so, something similar to this, for example - black leggings or tights or fitness type pants.  Black, higher neck leotard. Long tunic, any color. Keep in mind that the darker the color, the more slim you look. Camera they say puts on 10 pounds. If you wear white or cream or light pink, it is possible that there would be a "marshmallow effect," rendering you to look like a marshmallow:))) So, it is best to wear darker colors on camera.

Set -  Ok, no more cats, dogs, small children, popping in the video. No extraneous background noise (birds, tv, kids playing, someone on the phone, dishwashing, etc.)  Try to be in a very quiet private place. Outdoors is OK as long as there are no frisbees, trash cans, grills, old cars on jacks, etc. in the background:)) Also, test your video for sound quality if you are going out doors. If the wind happens to blow into the camera's mic. It will ruin the whole video and we won't be able to hear you teach.

Please try to have either the smoothest, most clear,  clean background as possible. Please, no laundry baskets, ironing boards, fitness equipment, kids toys, dog beds, etc. If at all possible, try to just have an empty space of some kind. OR go outdoors if it is a nice, peaceful background.

It is ideal to have the camera straight ahead. But if you can not, it is better to have your camera up high on top of something looking down, rather than down low looking up. 

Lighting - You definitely know by this point to not have light behind you or right over your head. If it is, the video will be rejected and you will not get credit for it until you re-do it with light in front of you or a generally well lit place. 

Sound - Test the camera for sound input, so you know the way you talk is loud enough to be heard well. Remember for these videos, your back will be to the camera a good bit of the time. So please take that into consideration.

Length - Since there is a script and only the demo and teaching of the moves. It shouldn't take more than 8 minutes.

Editing - Because this may go into an actual program. Please DO NOT put any sort of theme, or letters, titles, backgrounds at all!

HOWEVER - if you do know how and desire to, you may put one 6 second title clip at the end with the name of your ministry and its contact information.  Example: Dancing For Him Ministries/  

Posting - Because of this kind of set up, you may decide to do several or all of your uploads at once. That is up to you.  Upload it to Youtube and share the links to the Level III Facebook page.

Safety - Be sure you are thoroughly warmed up before doing any of the videos.


Basic Body Warm Up


Basic Body Warm Up Technique (like tendu, degege, develope, etc.)


Stretch on the floor


Stretch on the floor


Center floor work


Center floor work


Across the Floor


Across the Floor