Choreography, Dynamic Diagraming


Choreography, Dynamic Diagraming - Solo
Taken from the concept in the Processionals, Props and Pageantry book about diagraming a dance, create your own diagraming system for 4 counts of 8 of a solo dance. 
Divide a sheet of paper up into 4 quadrants. Each quadrant indicates a count of 8 (one page). Or for simplicity and readability, you may do a one count of 8 for each page (4 pages).
Be creative with your diagrams, but make sure they are clear. For example:  You might use large X's for dancers; long oblongs for billow cloths; arrows for direction, etc. 
If you have access to a Power Point program or some sort of computer program that does this sort of thing, you are encouraged to use that, but it is not necessary.  Submit it HERE.


Do the same thing as above only for a duet. Submit it HERE.


Do the same thing as above only for a group. Submit it HERE.