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All essays must be a minimum of 200 words.

The Transforming Journey 

Transforming Journey Study and Activation - In Wil Bozeman's book, Transforming Journey, there are lessons about fathers of our faith and vision. 


You may choose 1 chapter a month. That will be one lesson for each of the first 9 months of the school (February - October). Or years 1-3. So they are due anytime within the month.

Write a 200 word minimum essay about it. Post it in the submission link at the top of this page and then select the appropriate drop down on the submission page. 


Each month, select and study your chapter choice.

  • Then create a 4-6 minute video upload of a ministry activation that you would give a group of people that relates to the lesson. It is not necessary to show with a group, if you don't have one.
  • HOWEVER, as part of your CEI (continuing education intensive), you must do one activation from the chapter of your choice, with a group at one graduation conference (within 3 years from the time you register, depending on which track). This will be your Transforming Journey final exam.
  • You may simply explain and show by yourself what you would do like: how to divide them up; how many groups of how many people each; what would you give them to do; would you have a hand out? What music would you use, if any? So, the upload is practice for your CEI exam.
  •  No need to re-teach the lesson. Please just create an activation as it relates to something in the chapter. Please try to be as active in your video as possible. In other words, PLEASE do not just sit and read something. Rather, try to show, through movement and activity, etc. 
  • However, at the CEI, you'll get to demonstrate it with an actual group at the graduation conference.
  • Upload your video to Youtube. Copy the share link to your Level 3 Facebook page.

A Bride Made Ready

Read the book.


Write a summary essay. Submit in the link above.


  • Choose your favorite paragraph from the book. Try to either have someone read to you or record your own voice reading. As you hear the words, dance spontaneously to it. Please keep it short.
  • Upload your video to Youtube. Copy the share link to your Level 3 Facebook page.