What does it mean to be an alumni of the Dancing For Him Ministries school?

  • Alumni are those who will have successfully completed the entire two year program and graduated.
  • You will have spent two years in fellowship with like minded worshippers. These will hopefully be valuable, supportive relationships that will go on for a life time.
  • After you graduate, you will be given access to the DFH Alumni Facebook page where you may share about what you are doing in dance ministry with each other and with others who have gone before you.
  • You may sell DFH products on your web site or at your events and make a percentage.
  • You'll be encouraged to stay in communication with Pastor Lynn, check on the web site, read the newsletters, comment and share the DFH Facebook page, spread the word about the school, products, conferences and DFH Ministries. While DFH is not an official network, we do network together because of covenant relationship. That is a blessing!
  • Please pray about continuing to seed into the ministry of DFH to further the gospel through the arts, especially if you teach any of the subjects you will have learned through DFH at your own workshops. If you are not an instructor teaching a specific DFH conference, but teaching your own workshop, using any/some of the concepts you learned from Pastor Lynn, please pray about a percentage of your workshop to be seeded back into DFH ministries, to further the Kingdom of God through the arts. You may send your donation after your event through Paypal to [email protected] or go to the donation page HERE.  Thank you. 
  • You'd be encouraged to attend other DFH conferences. This could be a way to be refreshed, stay connected. Your registrations for the conferences is a valuable way you can help support the continued work of DFH. 
  • You may purchase, a permanent name tag to wear at conferences. They are very nice quality and will proudly display that you will have graduated the program, showing your name and your graduating year. Location for where to purchase them is found at the top section of your Level 2 Moodle page.
  • You'll get to be an accountability partner for new or returning students, reading their essays and watching their uploads to make comments. Or you may be a school manager of some kind, keeping track of certain assignments. This will be a requirement to maintain good standing, on a rotating basis (like every 2-3 years). This will also help you stay connected to the ministry.
  • You'd be encouraged to host a DFH conference at your church.
  • Please sign up for the DFH Movement Connection when it becomes available. Watch for announcements. 
  • You have the opportunity to go on to the Level 3  and 4 certificate programs and/or the School of the Bible.