Subjects Covered

Over the course of the school period, you will systematically study, practice and learn from the following books and DVDs. 

DVDsDFH School - Level 2 Product Pack

  1. Artistic Worship
  2. Ballet II
  3. Expressive Worship & Dance (Melt My Heart)
  4. Expressive Worship & Sign II
  5. Let It Flow - Streamers
  6. Modern Dance II 
  7. Pazaz/Praise with Hip Hop/Jazz
  8. Pilates I
  9. Strength and Balance
  10. Unity in Motion/The Corporate Move
  11. Veils & Dance
  12. Weapons of Warfare/Movements of Breakthrough
  13. Worship Expressions and the Solo Dancer


1. Dance in the Church/What's the pointe?
2. Pillars of Leadership
3. Worshipping Bride

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