Pillars Examples

Here are two EXCELLENT examples of what is expected for your Pillars of Leadership written assignments:

 Example 1: 

(Moses:  The Power Of Common Things)
By Daina M. Angel
As I read Pillar 3 – Moses: The Power of Common Things, I tried to imagine how Moses must have felt when God called him to “Deliver His People”.  I pictured him stammering and explaining away to God why he was just “not the man” for the job, much less a leader doing amazing things for the Father.  I can totally relate to Moses’ feelings of insecurity and inadequacy.  There have been times when I too tried to reason with God why “I was the wrong one” or “Not good enough” for the assignments in which He had called me to. 
Here are a few examples…One time, when I was in the Single’s Ministry at church, the leaders decided to have “Talent Nights”, so that we could share our gifts and talents with others.  When it was my team’s turn, I said to God, “What am I going to do?  I don’t have a talent.  All I do is dance and write poems!”  Other times I reasoned…“I don’t have extensive dance training!  I was suspended from Junior High School, suspended from High School and kicked out of college.  I have no degree!”  There was also, “Remember God, I was kicked off the Tambourine and Dance Ministry – the first ministry team in which I was a member!”  I loved God and loved worshipping Him through movement, but I just couldn’t see how He could possible use me moreover, how I could teach people anything about dance?  What was I going to do/say? – Um, I pray and ask the Lord, “What song should I use” and “What movements should I do?”  
At some point, amidst my many excuses and low self esteem issues, the Lord spoke through a dear friend the following words to me, “What’s in your hand Moses!?”  I thought, “What?”  The Lord revealed to me that “Dance” was not only my “Talent”, but also a “Gift” from Him.  He also said that He used my first worship dance presentation to aid in my healing and deliverance from abuse, a broken marriage and divorce.  He affirmed me in my calling to worship Him through dance and the Arts!  It truly amazes me how God can take something “common” as dance and the release of our lives, identity, security and authority to Him for His service, to release His divine power, accomplish His divine purpose and manifest His divine glory!
SONG  - “Use Me” By The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir:
This activation will be done to the song “Use Me” By Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.  It begins with the following chorus, “If You can use anything Lord, You can use me; If You can use anything Lord, You can use me. Take my hands Lord and my feet; Touch my heart Lord, Speak through me.  If You can use anything Lord, You can use me.”  The message is of total surrender to God - for His service - used for His glory.  The song also recounts the stories of Moses and David – how God used the common things in their lives (a Rod and a Sling), to accomplish mighty things.
 (Activation Directions/ Instructions)
1) Have everyone to spread out, sit on the floor along the Left, Right and Back Walls of the room and face the middle.  (They are to remain seated as the Dance Ministry Team ministers a dramatic  presentation to the song “Use Me”.)
2) After the dance, Position 1 leader and 2 Assistants at front and center of the room to DIVIDE everyone into groups (based on the total number of people) and GIVE INSTRUCTIONS.  The remaining dancers should also get into place for the next part of the activation. 
3) Once all groups are established and in their designated areas, have Assistants to give everyone 1 notepad and an ink pen. 
4) Then, REPLAY the song “Use Me” and HAVE everyone to ASK the Lord to show them their talents and gifts (even if they think they already know what they are – there may be some surprises).  Also, If someone seems to be having trouble hearing from the Lord concerning their gifts and talents, reassure them that it’s okay and encourage them to think about things they like to do or are really good at.
5) Next, have them to tear their paper into strips and write out their gifts/talents on the individual strips = Representing that we recognize each and every gift that God has given us.
6) As the music continues to play, everyone is to remain in their sections and worship the Lord until their group is directed to move on to the Four dancers holding 2 Brown Billows in a parallel position (with ample room to walk in between) = Representing our Road of Humanity. 
7) Have the 1st Group slowly walk in between the Brown Billows in a single filed line, holding their paper strips cupped in their hands, close to their chest.  This action = Represents how we sometimes approach God tightly holding that which is dear to us – our talents, identity, security, etc.  
8) As the Group reaches the White Billow = Representing Surrender, everyone should make a Horizontal Line behind it.  As the two dancers lift up the billow, each person (one at a time) should raise their cupped hands up and walk under the billow.  The dancers will then billow the cloth 3 more times (1x in front, 1x in back and 1x over the individual).  During the 3rd time, the participant is to thrust their hands upward, releasing the strips of paper and then step forward.  The raising and thrusting up of the hands = Represents the Surrendering and Releasing of ourselves, talents, identity, security, and etc. to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
9) The Group will proceed to four dancers holding up two Fire Billows in a vertical parallel position (with ample room to walk in between) = Representing Consecration. The dancers will billow the cloths back and forth as each person individually walks through with their hands up  = Representing Our Submission to The Consecration Process and Anointing for God’s Service.
10) REPEAT the above sequence (and take turns operating the billows, etc) until everyone/ Group (including the dancers) has had an opportunity to go through the activation.

Example 2 by Rosemary Knox

July Pillars of Leadership Essay:  David:  Confidence in God’s Love 
No matter what we do to separate ourselves from God, He continues to love us.  Even in the depths of our sin, God loves us completely.  There is nothing we can do to erase God’s immense love for us.  This is a comforting thought when we feel as though we are so weighed down by sin that we are not worthy of God’s love.  God does not love us because we deserve it - we will never be worthy of His love; rather, He loves us unconditionally.  His love is not something that changes and fades, but something that remains steady and true despite all obstacles we place in front of it through our sins.  
Just like David, one of the greatest gifts that we can have from God is Divine Confidence in God’s love for us. Our confidence is grown out of our dependence upon God. A person may think, "I can manage on my own." Our confidence should not be reliant upon our abilities, but upon the Lord. We can have the confidence of victory only if we put our confidence in God and not ourselves.  Seen in Corinthians 2:1-5 confidence is a gift of God's Spirit. It is so encouraging to know that I can always turn to God. 
Confidence means  to have trustworthiness, a reliability or a belief in one's powers or abilities.  However, everyone goes through hard times! Situations in our lives may change from good to bad.  He is there for us in the good times and hard times.  He never changes.  It is us who change. We have a tendency in the flesh to stop trusting in Him when things get hard. God has promised that He will always be there for us. He will provide everything we need.  
Overcoming the "GIANTS" in our daily life:
You and I may never face a giant like David did such as Goliath, but we face giants of another kind in our daily life. We face giants such as fear, insecurity, loneliness, and failure, etc. 
How can we overcome those giants that want to defeat us? These five stones can help us to remember the story of how David defeated the giant he faced and also help us to know how we can defeat the giants we face.
Richard Smallwood & Vision - Nothing Without Your Love
Richard Smallwood - I'll Trust You
Activation Exercise
• Two single double rows with flags and/or scarves setup up like a tunnel.  
• They are to be set up in the order of colors (1st red/aqua, 2nd green, 3rd  blue/fuchsia, 4th teal). 
• The flags/scarfs will be close together pointing towards each other as to close off an opening.  
• People will enter in as the flags or scarf will brush against their face/body.  
• They will continue on to the next set of flags going through the 4 sets of color flags/scarves.
• After the flags at the end will be the Red and Gold billow cloths.  
• Red and gold billow cloths will billow up as the people  go under. Representing Victory!
David’s 5 Stones 
1.  COURAGE - Red or Aqua Flags and/or Scarfs 
    David was not afraid to face the enemy. 
     Scripture:  "Don't worry about a thing," David told Saul. "I'll go fight this Philistine!" (1 Samuel 17:32 NLT) 
2. CONFIDENCE  - Green Flags and/or Scarfs
    David often had to protect the sheep from wild animals.  As a shepherd, this gave him the confidence 
    he needed to face the giant. 
    Scripture:  "The LORD who saved me from the claws of the lion and the bear will save me from this Philistine!"                       
    (1 Samuel    17:37 NLT) 
3. PREPARATION – Blue or Fuchsia Flags and/or Scarfs
    David didn't go to face the giant unprepared. 
    Scripture:  He picked out five smooth stones and armed himself with his shepherd's staff and sling. (1 Samuel 17:40 NLT) 
4. TRUST – Teal flags and/or Scarfs
    David did not trust in his own ability to slay the giant. 
   Scripture: When Goliath shouted at David, cursed him, and was ready to kill him, David said, "You come to me with a sword   
   and spear, but I come to you in the name of the LORD God Almighty." (1 Samuel 17:45 NLT) 
5. VICTORY  - Red and Gold Billow Cloths
    When you turn your battles over to God, you will have the victory over the giants in your life.
    Scripture:  "It is God's battle, not ours," David said. That is why David was able to win the victory over the giant with only a   
    stone and sling. (1 Samuel 17:50 NLT) 
Dear Father, just as you gave David the victory in his battle with Goliath, we know that when we put our trust in you, you will give us the victory over the giants we face in our daily life. In Jesus name - Amen.