Subjects Covered

Over the course of the school period, you will systematically study, practice and learn from the following books and videos. 


  1. Awakening Passion
  2. Balance & Stretch
  3. Ballet I Beginner
  4. Billow Cloth Beauty
  5. Called To Dance
  6. Creative Worship
  7. Dance Composition
  8. Dance, Dance, Dance!
  9. Divine Choreography
  10. Expressive Worship & Sign I
  11. Modern Dance I 
  12. MORE Expressive Sign
  13. Perfume of Fire-Flag Workshop/Procession With Ministry
  14. Praise, Worship & Flags
  15. Preliminary Pilates
  16. Prophetic Dance
  17. Stretch & Adoration


1. Creative Worship
2. Dance, Dance, Dance!
3. Dancing For Him
4. Divine Choreography
5. Processionals, Props, & Pageantry
6. Prophetic Dance
7. Team Terrificus

You may purchase your videos here.  Either DVD discs still remaining or in Digital download format. 

You may purchase your books here. In either paperback or in E-book format.