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 Choreography I Tips and Techniques DVD Essay

by Alicia Booker Class of 2012

Of the videos reviewed thus far, Choreography I Tips and Techniques has been the most useful because it gave me personal insight as to why some previously choreographed dances may have been better received than others.  The video was an overview and visual demonstration of several choreography concepts such as copy, contrast and complement, symmetric and asymmetric movements, and alignment and positioning as it relates to the dancers body position as well as their placement on stage. 

Pastor Lynn defined Divine Choreography as choreography that comes from God and it occurs when we allow God to work through us.  In order to know if we have selected the right song for the appointed time, with the right movements and steps, we must seek God in prayer.  We cannot simply rely on our skills as a dancer or choreographer in order to effectively minister to God’s people.  We need the guidance of the Holy Spirit as well. 

I mentioned in my opening paragraph that I appreciated the video because it gave me insight as to why some previously choreographed dances may have been better received than others .  This has to do greatly with not having enough variety of movement throughout the dance.  Once dance in particular comes to mind; choreographed to the Prayer of Jabez by Donald Lawerence, the dancers stayed in a staggered line for the entire song.  After reviewing the video there were several things that could have been done to add variety and strength such as using different levels and asymmetrical movements and echo.  I am looking forward to going back and freshening up some of the previously choreographed dances by implementing some of the techniques from the video, doing so as a team will be a great teaching opportunity.  We could review the Choreography I video during one rehearsal then review one of our older dances during the next rehearsal and each team member can make a suggestion based on what they have learned from the video.


Ballet I DVD Essay

by Nanette Boyer Class of 2011

Lynn's Ballet Basics workout is a wonderful introduction to ballet.  It will take you through an entire workout including barre, stretching and center work that you can do right in your own living room.  Ballet Basics will also show you the correct body placement for each exercise. 

Have you heard the saying that for business to succeed, remember three words- location, location, location!  Well this relates well to the success of a dancer as well, because the location of our spine to the rest of the body, known as posture, is everything to a dancer.  A dancer's back should be kept straight and tall, head reaching up to the ceiling, and ribs and stomach pulled in.  

After a warm up with plies, tendus, degages and the like, Lynn will guide you through some stretches that you can do sitting on the floor.  Every dancer needs to stretch to warm up the muscles, increase flexibility, and stay supple and limber.  She says that we are as young as our spine is flexible, so stretch, stretch, and keep it young!

Lastly, Lynn will show  some great center steps to increase your dance vocabulary.  The more "words" we have in our dance language, the more effectively we can minister and communicate when we dance.  Lynn has six dances at the end of the video from which you can glean a basket full of creative ideas for both solo and group dances.  So dance away, dance away, dance away all!


Dance, Dance, Dance Book Essay

by Lisa Benton Class of 2011

In order to get an understanding of how to dance with authority, I recommend Dance, Dance, Dance. The book outlines in a clear and straightforward fashion what are the Old and New Testament Hebrew and Greek scriptural references for dancing. Knowing the meaning behind the motions, movements, and expressions for dancing in the Bible will let your choreography and songs better glorify God. Dance, Dance, Dance is a handy reference and aid for pastors, teachers, and worship and arts leaders in addition to ministers of dance. 

Dance, Dance, Dance gives a comprehensive review with discussions of some of the over 300 citations in scripture of where expression through dance and movement comes alive by its context and word tense. Reading this book, either as an individual or group study is an excellent way to gain greater breadth and depth to your interpretations of God’s word through dance, drama and song. You will also appreciate understanding the Hebrew and Greek of roots of words in our English language such as chorus and elation. 

An example described in the book discusses travailing. While travailing is often choreographed to be a motion of trial, heaviness, and writhing in pain, the expectant portions of the word are overlooked. Motions such as turning, spiraling, processing in an outward direction as if going forth or bring something new forth should also be considered for expressing travailing through dance. The words of knowledge in Dance, Dance, Dance will let you dance out travail with greater kingdom power and authority.



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