Level 1 - Student Information

Welcome! The purpose of this page is to reiterate all the instructions, assignments and information (from the welcome letter and basic information page in the web site) in more detail. You may come back to this page and the others, whenever you have questions about these things. I hope you find it helpful. It is divided up by semester, month and week.


This is a more simplistic breakdown of the requirements. Once school begins, there will be a PDF with a handy check list, located at the top of our Level 1 group Facebook page, inside of the "Files" tab. This will be the same check list that Renee will be using to keep track of your assignments. You'll probably want to print it out and check mark as you go. Remember it is always best to review the Guidelines page to know what assignments to do and only use the check list, as a check list.

The Dancing For Him curriculum is divided up by semester, month and week. Please read through the General Guidelines before going through all the Semester breakdowns. You may come back to this page whenever you have questions about these things. Please read the entire page, to get a general overview, before beginning. I recommend reading it through in its entirety at least twice. Please be sure to keep the link to this page because there is no access to it from the web site. 

For the entire year, there will be due a total of:

  • 1 Intro Video
  • 27 Written Essays
  • 20 Product Related Video Uploads
  • Weekly Web/Facebook Checks/Comments
  • 2 Choreographed Dance Video Uploads
  • 1 Creative Flow Video Upload
  • 8 Questions For The Chats
  • 24 Reviews For The Products
  • 1 Final Written and Video Review of The School
  • Serve At DFH Conference
  • 2 Biographies
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • 1 Certificate Application
  • 1 Photo


I'd like, sometime the first week of school (date is in your welcome letter), to have a phone chat/webinar, so we may discuss your guidelines page together. If at all possible try to be in front of your computer while we are on the call, so we can all look together. 

The invitation information for webinars will be on your school Facebook page. Please make sure your notifications are on.


Assignment Breakdown by Semester

I will choose randomly which essays and uploads to review. However your assigned accountability partner will read all your essays and watch all your uploads. Since there are so many students and assignments, my comments (in Facebook and on your essays) on the things I do watch or read, will be very brief, like, "Good or Very Good, etc.," indicating I will have read or watched them. I may even just put a "like" on Facebook uploads. So please understand that because of the magnitude of essays to read and uploads to watch, that my comments will be brief.

I would like to pursuade you ALL to encourage each other with what they will have uploaded. For most, especially in the beginning, it may be a little daunting to put something out there. So, your peer encouragement is STRONGLY advocated. Please put positive comments under each person's assignments.

While this may all seem overwhelming to you at first, within a couple of weeks, you will get the hang of it and be well on your way to a successful school year!