The blue drop down bars below, contain all the basic information about what you'll need and basically what you'll be required to do in order to progress through the course successfully. Please take a few minutes to read through all of them, as you will need to have and know this information to graduate. 

Assignment Basics

Not only will you study (during a specific completion timeline), write about and review each product, but you will be asked to do (not just watch) some of the more active topics (ballet, modern, stretch etc.). There will be certain time frames where you will work on several subjects simultaneously. Of course, you will listen to your body and do what is comfortable for you. Modify where it is necessary. No dance experience is required to take this course. 


When we study Choreography and Dance Composition, Creative Worship,  and others, you’ll be given video assignments respectively. Do not worry... you do not have to already be an expert in these areas to learn. This is designed for ALL skill levels.  You’ll have a place on a private Facebook page where you may upload your video assignments for peer review. Your video assignments will be uploaded to Youtube, then shared to the private Facebook page and to Moodle (the grading system's website). 


You'll eventually write an essay on each and every product (books and videos). Your one page written essays (200-400 words) will be sent via email to your accountability partner for encouragement, as well as into the grading system's web site for your credit.


Your 3 sentence evaluations of each product will be uploaded to the DFH book store in two places.

Then you may choose to also copy and paste them into the same products, respectively, in

So you must be able to understand these on-line vehicles.


It goes without saying that you'll need a computer, a phone camera or some sort of camera that you can upload short video clips and of course internet access.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an online school. So, you must have a basic understanding of computers. You need to know how to copy and paste; knowing what a browser is and how to change one; you must already have a personal Facebook page (only we in the school will see, when you select that option), as well as a Youtube account. These are some of the basics that you absolutely must have before you begin the program. 

Required Course Material

Purchase the DFH books in the package of 8 (for greater savings), or complete your library (of the most current versions) all of the DFH books (or E-Books) , on or before school begins (January 10th).


Choose Either Digital Download Versions; or Choose whatever remaining DVD discs that are available. Plus get the remaining titles in digital download.

  1. Awakening Passion
  2. Balance & Stretch
  3. Ballet I Beginner
  4. Billow Cloth Beauty
  5. Called To Dance
  6. Creative Worship
  7. Dance Composition
  8. Dance, Dance, Dance!
  9. Divine Choreography
  10. Expressive Worship & Sign I
  11. Modern Dance I 
  12. MORE Expressive Sign
  13. Perfume of Fire-Flag Workshop/Procession With Ministry
  14. Praise, Worship & Flags
  15. Preliminary Pilates
  16. Prophetic Dance
  17. Stretch & Adoration


1. Creative Worship
2. Dance, Dance, Dance!
3. Dancing For Him
4. Divine Choreography
5. Processionals, Props, & Pageantry
6. Prophetic Dance
7. Team Terrificus

You may purchase your videos here.  Either DVD discs still remaining or in Digital download format. 

You may purchase your books here. In either paperback or in E-book format. 

If you go on to subsequent Levels, you'll also need, "The Worshipping Bride" and "The Pillars of Leadership" books (Level 2), both by Wesley Scott Amos, plus some others. That may be found HERE or HERE as well as HERE or HERE. There will be other books (by other authors) required for the upper classes as well.

Group Communication

You will be asked to join in on our monthly, group discussion video chats through “Zoom.US.” If you cannot join in with us on the selected date, you will need to listen/watch the recording within a two week period of time, mark it down in your Moodle program and write an idea about one of the questions that was discussed. 

All levels will be required to participate/attend (in person) at least 4 of the 8 chats during your school year (from February through September). However, it is recommended that you attend all of them. Your input is so important to all of us!  You are excused from in person chats, if you live 3 or more time zones away from Eastern Standard Time. However, you will need to listen/watch the recording within a two week period of time, mark it down in your Moodle program and write an idea about one of the questions that was discussed. 

For the video chats, you will be asked to write in one worship dance related question per month that we will discuss during the chats. These should be questions that have been on your heart related to team concepts/issues, presentation techniques, choreography and/or ministry. They may also be related to the current topics about which you are studying.  The recording will be posted (typically the next day) on your level's Facebook page.

Facebook/Web Awareness

You'll systematically critique the DFH web site and Facebook conference listings, and your Moodle program directions for accuracy, which will help you with your future endeavors. You will also be asked to join or 'like' the DFH Facebook page, to post and share periodically. You'll be asked to comment on the posts made on that page and participate in discussions.

AP (Accountability Program)

You'll be given an alumni graduate or upperclass person (level 2-4 student) who will read your essays and watch your uploads. This person will be your accountability partner and will help you with questions you may have. Pastor Lynn will randomly choose some of your uploads to watch in Facebook. So you will need to remember to post both in Moodle, the grading system and in the private school Facebook page.

Conference Attendance

Within your school year, you’ll be required to register and attend at least one DFH event. This is at your own expense, with the intention of participating and learning, while also serving the ministry. This could be at the registration table, helping to set up/break down, bagging the products at table times, counting off groups for the activations, handing out tissues during ministry times, closing down, helping with inventory and possibly assisting Pastor Lynn (or graduate teacher) with some of the demonstrations.

It is very important to not only serve, but attend and participate fully in the conferences because it re-enforces some of the material you will have just learned or will be studying. You'll enjoy fellowship with other students and alumni. Plus it is important, especially if you go on to higher levels, working toward getting your certificate of license, that you get a greater understanding of who Pastor Lynn is and what Dancing For Him Ministries is all about. Plus Pastor Lynn and DFH (the licensing organization), can observe your heart for worship, Christ like character, and servant's heart. 

If you don't yet see a conference in your region, pray about having one at your own church. Please email me if this interests you. If there are less than 5 conference/retreats listed by December 31st, then you may use the graduation retreat as your requirement. This is always the last event of the year, normally the first weekend in November. 

NOTE: Due to social distancing, many/most of the events are now online. These events/technique class sessions/conferences/workshops (not free classes) will count toward your requirements.

For those in Level 1, the graduation conference will NOT count as your one conference requirement. But you are highly encouraged to attend. If there are less than 5 conference/retreats listed by December 10th, then you may use the graduation retreat as your requirement. This is always the last event of the year, normally the first weekend in November. 

All graduating students are requested to attend the graduation conference. You will not be required, but we hope that you will want to attend. After working with all the other students throughout the year, I'm sure you'll want to get together and this will be a great opportunity. If you will have successfully completed the year of study and assignments, you may serve at the conference, help with set up/clean up, do the registration and product tables, video taping, etc. It is also possible that you will be in the professional production of a new DFH video there. At the end, on Saturday evening (or in some cases where it is a retreat, Sunday morning), certificates will be awarded during the graduation ceremony. This will always be the first conference after you will have finished the course and may be in a different location every year. Those who do not attend the graduation conference/retreat will receive their certificate via email in a PDF format.

All About You

In January, you’ll be required to submit two letters of recommendation from people who will have seen you teach some form of dance and/or can vouch for your Christian character (preferably your Pastor and a church leader of some kind). It would be advised to begin working on this long before you enroll.

You will be required to submit your biography in an extended version. This would be something you could put on your own web site. Also, send a very condensed version that could be placed on a conference hand out. Along with that, send a nice head shot photo. There will also be an application and form to fill out describing your Christian experience and beliefs. 


Sometime after your registration is complete, you'll be sent an email announcement about an orientation video chat to take place between January 10th and January 31st.

Also in January, you will upload in Facebook and Moodle, an introduction video of yourself (4-6 minutes), so we may all get to know you a little and so you may practice uploading before assignments will be due. 

So that first month of practice and getting familiar with the systems gives you ample time to prepare, before actual assignments become due during the second month. Also, if you happen to be reading this information before a school session begins, you may practice and prepare well in advance.


There will be a private Facebook page where you may communicate and share with others who are also going through the programs. Since you will be watching and commenting on their assignment videos anyway, this is a wonderful way to get to know each other. This is a place where life-long friendships are established. It fosters tremendous fellowship and support.

Important Dates

The program will go according to a calendar year, beginning January 10th and ending October 24th.  No students will be allowed to join this year's program if they register after December 10th at the latest. All must be registered on or before December 10th. If you can not register by then, we will ask that you kindly wait until the next session or the following year to register.  If you do register anytime after the cutoff date for a session, you will automatically be considered a student for the following session.

Good Discipline

While there is a weekly (strongly suggested) guideline, all assignments must be turned in monthly, during each month as the course outline will show. It is helpful and important that all assignments be turned in on time (even ahead of time). 

IMPORTANT: If there are no regular assignments (excluding the intro video, questionnaire and other things due the first month of school)  turned in by the end of the first trimester (end of April), you will be automatically disqualified from graduation and must begin again, registering again for the next year's school.
Also, all assignments for trimesters 1 and 2 must be submitted by the end of trimester 2 (end of July) to qualify for graduation/certification. In other words, you must be all caught up with every assignment that was due in the first and second trimesters (including the intro video, questionnaire and other things due the first month of school), by the end of the 2nd trimester.  If this is not met, you are welcome to continue with the program, through to the end, but will just not receive a certificate of completion. Each Level carries its own weight and intensity; and their content is meant to be studied completely (during the given time frame).  As well, the syllabus promotes the leadership qualities of discipline and time management and are structured in such a way as to bring the student to a deep engagement in the ministry of dance. The format is designed to help students grow in theory and in spirit. This prevents a student from trying to get everything done in the last 3 months.
All these guidelines are in place to help you stay on track and gain the most benefit from the school experience. To do well, setting aside an average of about an hour a day, five days a week will create a habit that can guarantee a favorable outcome. Life will always crowd things out unless a determination is made for disciplined success. You will be glad you made the effort! 
January - Orientation
1st Trimester - February, March, April
2nd Trimester - May, June, July
3rd Trimester - August, September, October (to the 24th)
Graduation is typically the first weekend in November. 

Get Ahead

If you register early (before December 10th), you are more than welcome to begin studying all the books and videos and writing one page essays (around 200-400 words). However, please store them in a folder on your computer and turn them in when they are due. These essays will be about what you will have read or seen, so I can tell you will have thoroughly studied the material. Please note, though, we will not be sending you all the specific assignments (with due dates), Facebook page, etc. until on or around January 10th, in case there needs to be any changes made to the curriculum. 

Also, it is wise to try and get ahead on your assignments throughout the school year, in case something comes up that would temporarily take you away from your studies. In that event, you will be grateful to have done your assignments ahead of time, to help you stay on track.

Tuition/Enrollment Information

LEVEL 1 Tuition is $649. This excludes course materials and conference/event registrations.

Complete your full payment ($649) for this Level 1 course before you begin (details in the Registration/Tuition Information drop down tab). All tuition must be paid in full on or before December 10th. There will be absolutely no exceptions nor extensions.

Complete your full payment for this Level 1 course  on or before November 10th and save $100 on your tuition (Total $549). 

Once you register, you will be given an initial welcome letter. Then, on or around January 10th, you will be given your course outline web link with detailed instructions.

I strongly urge you to please read all the informational links about the school before registering. However, you may register here:

CLICK HERE to pay in full ($649), on or before December 10th.

CLICK HERE to pay in full, on or before November 10th (save $100).

CLICK HERE to make pre-payments ($149 down, then $100 increments).


This Unto the Lamb Dance is part of one of the Dancing For Him videos. But I taught it during our first graduation conference for the online school in 2012.