Helpful Hints

Pastor Lynn answers questions about the school.

During DFH conferences, the "One of Everything" product packs are always greatly reduced in price. So, if you attend a conference before school begins you may purchase all of your school study materials at a discount. Also, in the section of the book store called, "Quantity Pricing on Worship and Praise Dance Resources," the One of Everything pack is also discounted. So you could save by getting it there. Periodically, during the year, especially after Thanksgiving, there will be very good specials announced to those on the email mailing list. You may sign up for the free newsletter to the right of every page, where it says, "Sign up for our newsletter."

Another helpful hint is if you already have some of the current products, you may begin to write an essay (200-400 words) on each one (to prove you will have read or watched the entire product) and store it until it is due. This will save you time during the school year too. Then just complete your library of products on or before January 9th.

Also, to save money, you may download products. However, you should acquire all of the products before school begins, January 10th. 

Note: You must successfully complete Level 1 before going on to Level 2. Plus, if you do plan to go on to Level 2, it must be done immediately following completion of Level 1. In other words, you must join Level 2 that following year. You may not allow any years to pass before coming back to school. It is designed to be done in succession.