Conference Attendance

Within your school year, you’ll be required to register and attend at least [one (Level I) or two (for Level II) or Graduation conference (for Level 3)] DFH event, where Pastor Lynn is teaching, (at your own expense) with the intention of serving the ministry. This could be serving at the registration table, helping to set up/break down, selling the products, counting off groups for the activations and possibly assisting Lynn with some of the demonstrations. Students outside continental US boarders are excused from attending, but are encouraged to come.

All graduating students are requested to attend the graduation conference as well. You will not be required, but we hope that you will want to attend. The graduation conference will NOT count as your one conference requirement (Level 1). But will count for Levels 2 and 3. After working with all the other students throughout the year, I'm sure you'll want to get together and this will be a great opportunity. If you will have successfully completed the year of study and assignments, you may serve at the conference, help with set up/clean up, do the registration and product tables, video taping, etc. It is also possible that you will be in the professional production of a new DFH video there. At the end, on Saturday evening, certificates will be awarded during the graduation ceremony. This will always be the first conference after you will have finished the course (last conference/retreat of the year) and may be in a different location every year. You will need to register for this.

Record keeping requirement for your grade:  Levels 1 and 3, mark down in Moodle which conference you attended (not which one you think you might attend). ALL LEVELS, including Level 2 - After you register for your conference(s), forward your email confirmation to your level's conference manager (see the Accountability Partner Page). Then AFTER you attend that conference, email that same manager to let them know. Thank you.