Accountability Partner Program APP

While this page was initially designed and written for mentors in the program, all levels will have access to it. 

Who can remember what it was like to journey through your first level of the DFH school?  At times it may have seemed a bit overwhelming.  It may have even felt as if you would never finish, and then there is Level 3, 4, Bible School and soon Continuing Education. ☺  

Although Pastor Lynn has done an excellent job over the years to build community, fellowship, and relationship among her students, the ministry is expanding and growing.  With that growth comes exciting change.  The community and sisterhood/brotherhood she has built over the years isn’t going to change, but she has implemented a wonderful program within the school called the Accountability Partner Program (APP).  This program is an amazing opportunity for each of you to help to assist her in coaching the students along their journey.  Just think, you will be playing a VITAL role in the destiny of one of your Kingdom brothers or sisters!  This program is meant to not only assist Pastor Lynn, but also allow each of you to have an active part in pouring into the next generation of DFH students and future alumni. There have been wonderful, shatterproof bonds created among the brotherhood/sisterhood that are beyond words. 

After prayer, we will work on matching up a DFH Alumni and/or Levels 2-4 students to one student (or more level 1 students, depending on the response and ratio). Current Alumni may request someone that they worked with last year. We will then pair you accordingly.  

Levels 2-4 and Bible school students will have an AP buddy, pairing up with someone in your class.

Additionally, this year, we will select a handful of faithful alumni with servant's hearts, who are dedicated to the Lord and the work of Dancing For Him Ministries and begin a new 'grading system,' designed to support good accountability and ease of keeping track of assignments.

Here is a chart that shows who will "grade" what. 

The course is Pass/Fail. So, while you may possibly see a letter or number grade on an assignment in the Moodle software, please know that it only means it was submitted. It does not reflect the level or excellence of your work. It is just the way the system works. Thanks.

VIEWING NOTE:  If you are looking at the table below in a phone, turn the phone sideways (horizontally) in order to see it properly.

* To be confirmed


Grading Help

First of the month reporting.


Pastor Lynn

President Founder

Will look primarily in Facebook

l[email protected]

General Manager


Email if you have difficulty entering Moodle

[email protected]

All Level - Product Reviews

Find reviews on DFH site;

[email protected]

Tanya Perez

AP Manager

Coordinates accountability partners

[email protected]

Deborah Collier


Brad Worrell

Level 1 - January items

(bios, recommendation letters, etc.)


Level 1 - Essays, Web Checks

and Uploads

(including final course reviews) 

Find L1 January items in Moodle

Search/Grade in Moodle 

Final course reviews - written in DFH; uploads in Moodle and FB

[email protected]

[email protected]

Suzi Herman

Level 2 - Essays, Web Checks

and Uploads

(including final course reviews) 

Search/Grade in Moodle

Final course reviews - written in DFH; uploads in Moodle and FB (previous level)


[email protected]

Deborah Collier


Brad Worrell

Level 3 - Essays and Uploads 

(including final course reviews) 

Search/Grade in Moodle

Final course reviews - written in DFH; uploads in Moodle and FB (previous level)

[email protected]

[email protected]

Lorraine Lindberg

Level 4 - Essays and Uploads 

(including final course reviews) 

Search/Grade in Moodle

Final course reviews - written in DFH; uploads in Moodle and FB (previous level)


[email protected]


Leesa Robinson

Bible School 


Grades/keeps track of all Bible school students' assignments in Moodle.

[email protected]

Amy Holderman

All Level - Chat and Conference Attendance

Conference attendance in Moodle.

Chat attendance.

[email protected]

DFH Alumni - are given the opportunity to be an Accountability Partner and are required to serve in this capacity on a rotation basis to maintain communication with the ministry and remain in good standing to keep their license. 

Level 2-4 and Bible students - The APP is included as a required part of your curriculum. Depending on the need, you may be an AP to a Level I student. You will have an AP buddy in your own level.

Alumni/Upperclassmen may choose to keep the mentee they had the previous year.

All students still send/submit their homework in as outlined in the guidelines. 

Here is a basic idea of who sends what where...


Level I  - Submit essays to your Moodle account in the appropriate place. Also, send to your AP, via Email. They will read and comment within one week. 

Levels 2, 3, and 4 - Submit essays to your Moodle account in the appropriate place. Also, send to your AP Buddy, via Email. They will read and comment within one week. 


ALL LEVELS - Submit Youtube link to your Moodle account in the appropriate place. Also, tag your AP when you submit the Youtube link to your level's Facebook page. They will watch and comment within one week. 

Please paste the Youtube link in both places. Thank you.

What does being an accountability partner do? 

Listed below is a general overview:

  • Helping students get off to a good start with their schooling, which would include guiding them on how to record and upload to Youtube, Moodle and Facebook, and tips on essay writing 
  • Reading and commenting on their essays
  • Watching and commenting on their video uploads
  • Encouragement & exhortation along their journey - It would be nice if you periodically prayed with your mentee.
  • AP's must respond to an assignment immediately (within a week)

What it is not: It is not intended to be a crutch for the new student. The new student is privi to the instructions just like everyone else. They should get familiar with the assignment pages as well as the guidelines page, so they will be able to find things on their own. You may be able to help them find it more quickly, or point them in the right direction. But it is not intended for you to hold their hand, doing research for them. The school is designed to help people to grow and that includes researching for information on their own or with maybe a little guidance. 

AP's are not responsible for helping you establish a Facebook page or teach you how to copy and paste, etc. These technical things may be found by doing a Google search. They can help with where or how to post inside of Moodle, or what assignment directions mean.

The best part is you also have the opportunity to pray for and/or with your partner.  We believe this will help connect the hearts of the DFH students in an even greater way than it has already done over the years.

Isn’t exciting to be chosen to impact the lives and hearts of men and women as you serve the Lord?  

Accountability Partner Check (AP Check)

Level 1 Students and All AP Buddies in Levels 2 through Bible School - A performance evaluation about your AP will be required at the end of each trimester, to be sent to TANYA PEREZ.

Please remember to "Tag" your AP's full name in facebook when you upload your video there. This keeps communication open with your AP and insures that they will see your upload.

Please remember to send your written essays, via email to your AP.  This will also keep communication open and assure that you receive feedback on your work. Thank you.

APs to Level 1 Mentees - A performance evaluation about your student will be required at the end of each month, to be sent to TANYA PEREZ.

Please simply submit an AP Check via email to Tanya. Simply type AP Check in the subject line. If you want to make any comments about a particular student's feelings or progress in the letter as well, you may. To indicate that you'd like to say something, please put OPEN in the subject line. Otherwise they will only see that AP check was done and not read it. Thanks!

At the end of the month, Tanya will mark on the AP online chart, that an AP Check will have been sent.

To reiterate, you only need to read your mentee's essays and any sort of written assignments, sending your positive comments back to them. No need to send your comments to Pastor Lynn or Tanya. You would watch and make positive comments on their videos as well. So, no need to concern yourself with their web checks or their chat questions or their reviews or anything other than their written assignments and videos. Thanks!

Pastor Lynn - will be randomly choosing uploads to watch, from different students periodically. She will only look for your uploads on Facebook. So, if you only post to Moodle, it will not be seen. You must post your Youtube upload link to BOTH Moodle AND Facebook. 

GRADING MANAGERS AND STUDENTS WHO FALL BEHIND - Grading managers please email Tanya Perez a list of those at risk for being dropped 1 month prior to the end of the 1st semester. She will then email the APs of those students. If she doesn't get an email response back from the APs, she could email the student personally directing them to contact the grading manager to find out what was missing. At the end of the first semester, the grading manager will send an official "dropped" status email confirming that the student dropped out of the course. The same process goes for the end of the 2nd semester when the students must have turned in all assignments that are due during the first and second semesters. In that case, they may finish the course, but not receive a certificate.  

CURRENT STUDENT APS - To show you understand and agree, you must complete a form in Moodle, under 'AP Agreement Questionnaire' (not in the form below).

APs who are not in Moodle - Once you have read and understood your responsibilities about being an accountability partner, please agree with your electronic signature at the very bottom of this form. No need to fill out the whole form. Just your name and electronic signature, plus X's or any character in the boxes that require something. Thanks!

Working together like this with so much support and encouragement will prove to be a tremendous time of learning, growing, and enjoying close knit fellowship. Destiny calls... onward and upward, forward... pressing toward the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus!!

One of our Alumni (Rosemary Knox) was kind enough to share this information with you about her experience being an accountability partner. There are some very good suggestions in here.