P.Lynn Gives Back

DFH Gives Back

Also, DFH will bless the church (or host) with 10% of the registrations that they refer. They will be given a special 'affiliate link' for registration. If anyone registers for the conference with that link (and only if that link is used and the code is seen), they will receive 10% of whatever registration amount is paid by that registrant. In order to receive the percentage these registrants, must be in full attendance of the conference.

During the dinner break, before the concert on Saturday night, we will look at the attendance roster and calculate the total due, immediately after which Pastor Lynn will send the proper amount to you or the church via PayPal to your (or church's) PayPal account.

It is advised that you open a free PayPal account ahead of time (if you don't have one already) so the process will be smooth. You as the host may choose to keep this for yourself or donate it to the host church to help cover their minor expenses. Or, you may instead of course, let the blessing remain with DFH, if you choose (only as the Lord leads).