LEVEL 3 - destiny in Dance - moving forward

Dance Ministry Master Certificate 

Level 3 will be about going deeper in some of the subjects learned in the first two levels, with an emphasis on ministry, leadership and choreography. You'll be incorporating some practical ministry/business concepts as well as learning the ins and outs of running a conference.

The growth you will experience will be unparalleled. The main focus, in addition to hands on practice and learning from Pastor Lynn's personal experiences will be fostering God's call for you and the ministry He's given. The intensity of the course over the short term will stretch you, but the results of your perseverance will be lifelong knowledge, obtaining practical tools for growth in your own ministry, confidence in your call, covenant relationships and moving forward in your destiny.  

School year: January 10 through October 24th (Fast Track) Or Same dates over a 3 year period of time (Extended Track)

There is currently no session B for Level 3.

You must have graduated from Level 2 to gain entrance into Level 3.

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