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You must have already graduated from both Level 1 as well as  Level 2.  You may begin Level 3 any year after completing Level 2. 

You must purchase or already possess several books and DVDs as listed, plus new DVDs when they become available. 

Must be paid by December 31st of the appropriate year, before beginning January 10th.

1 Year Fast Track $600

3 Year Track $550 (lower due to extra conference requirements)

These are otherwise known as internships and must be done at a graduation conference. Attendance purpose is to carry out, practice and demonstrate some of the assignments with the group that will be in attendance. 

If you live outside the continental United States, you may be excused from the conference requirement, though we'd love to see you. However, the activations must be clearly demonstrated as well as explained in your video upload. 

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We'll do phone/chats/webinars once a month. It will be on the 2nd Sunday afternoon of the month (unless otherwise notified) from 5:00-6:45PM EST

There will be video uploads, with greater expectation of professionalism with a spirit of excellence. These will be uploaded into the Level 3 private Facebook page. Any and all essays and/or videos may be placed as examples in DFH newsletters, web site or blogs, ads for conferences, school, etc. Your videos, may possibly be chosen to be on the Movement Connection or Move of the Month, which you'll learn more about in the course descriptions.

You will be an accountability partner (AP) to at least one Level 2 student and possibly a Level 1, where you will read their essays and watch their uploads and comment on them. They will be divided up evenly among all the level 3 students and other alumni. So, depending on the number in each class, in addition to your own "AP Buddy" in level 3, you may get 1-2 other students who you get to encourage, help and support. You may be chosen to do "grading" in the record keeping system.

There are 3 new, wonderful lessons on prayer, by Wil Bozeman. These lessons will be found in his books, "Passion of the Bride, A Heart of Prayer (Book 1, Book 2 and Book 3). They may be purchased here. The student will create activations, as assigned and upload them to the private, Level 3 Facebook page. There will also be activations done based on Amy Tang's DVD download on Prayer, that may be purchased here.

To do well, you'll need to allow an average of about two to three hours a day, five days a week (fast track). Just like brushing your teeth or eating, creating a habit of setting aside that time will get you through successfully. Life will always try to crowd things out, unless we make a determination for disciplined success. You must be dedicated and seriously prepared to put in the time and quality needed.  

You will be glad you will have made the effort! Be sure to count the cost and pray about the commitment.

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*The 3 year program is slightly less because you are required to attend and pay for 2 extra conferences.