The truth of the Beloved - E Book - DOWNLOAD

The truth of the Beloved - E Book - DOWNLOAD
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Jesus, the eternal Beloved of the Father, was born in human form, entered time and space to show us the truth, tell us the truth, awaken us to truth. He claimed to be truth incarnate. He claimed that His truth would outlast this present universe. He validated His truth with mighty works. He claimed that if we live His truth, our lives will be built on a rock foundation that will endure forever.

As the world around us disintegrates, we have an enduring foundation — Jesus, the Word of God, the eternal truth of God. We can root our lives in the truth of the Beloved and His truth and life will sustain us through time and into eternity.

Wesley Scott Amos is a pastor and Bible teacher, worship leader and songwriter. In his Parable of the Dancer musicals, the consistent theme is the Beloved's passionate pursuit of His bride and her love for Him.

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