The Beloved and the Bride - Book

The  Beloved and the Bride - Book
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The  Beloved and the Bride - Book

The Beloved and the Bride - Book Product Description:


You have been invited to a glorious celebration. 

In fact, if God had not revealed it to us, we would not have imagined it.

The Creator of the universe — eternal, infinite, uncreated Being

took human form for the purpose of awakening us

to His existence, redeeming us out of our slaveries

and betrothing us to Himself as His holy, everlasting Bride.

This Bridegroom Messiah, Jesus, the Beloved

has designed all of history to bring about this one purpose:

to bring us into an intimate relationship with Himself

wherein we may experience the lavishing of His love upon us

enabling us to pour out our love upon Him.

In the following pages I have attempted to describe this God in human form — the Beloved — and the Bride He has redeemed. Please note that at the back of the book there is a section entitled Reflection Activations. You are invited to reflect upon each lesson and express your response in some creative manner flowing out of your own unique artistic giftings. 

It is the Beloved who gave you these giftings as a means of proclaiming Him, enjoying Him, celebrating Him and expressing your love for Him. You will be employing these creative giftings for all eternity. 

Enjoy the rehearsal. 

Wesley Scott Amos is a pastor and Bible teacher, worship leader and songwriter. In his Parable of the Dancer musicals, the consistent theme is the Beloved's passionate pursuit of His bride and her love for Him.

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