Parables of the Beloved - E-Book DOWNLOAD

Parables of the Beloved - E-Book DOWNLOAD
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Parables of the Beloved - E-Book DOWNLOAD Product Description:


    “He spoke many things to them in parables” (Matthew 13:3).

    Book five in our series on the life and ministry of Jesus 

    examines His parables, other than parables of the kingdom 

    which were included in book four, The Kingdom of the Beloved. 

    Parables are pictures painted with words,

    the veiling of truth in a way that opens truth

    to the joyful heart of the seeker.

    Jesus veiled truth in stories about lost coins 

    and prodigal sons and new wine so that those who love truth 

    would discover truth with greater clarity. 

    Parables also veil the truth to those who despise truth.

    Unable to see through the veils, they fail to obtain

    the truth which they have already despised.

    Parables, then, reveal the heart of the listener.

    Those who prefer darkness will see no light. 

    Those who love light find a passageway of light.

    Wesley Scott Amos is a pastor and Bible teacher, worship leader and songwriter. In his Parable of the Dancer musicals, the consistent theme is the Beloved’s passionate pursuit of His Bride and her love for Him.

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