In Defense of Innocent Blood - Book

In Defense of Innocent Blood - Book
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In Defense of Innocent Blood - Book Product Description:

No reasonable person would say, 

“I am personally opposed to the exploitation 

and abuse of women and children 

or genocide or ethnic cleansing 

but I affirm the right of others to do it.”  

If that absurd anti-logic does not apply 

to post-born human beings, how can it apply 

to the killing of pre-born human beings?

When we deny an unborn child the right to live

we sin against God, in whose image the child is created. 

We deny our world the gifts, the creative imagination, 

the works of justice and mercy that this man or woman 

might have someday contributed to all of our lives.

An unborn child is the most vulnerable,

innocent and defenseless human being among us. 

On behalf of these children, will we speak truth?

Will we offer God’s grace to the guilty?

Will we stand in defense of innocent blood?

Wesley Scott Amos is a pastor and Bible teacher, worship leader and songwriter. In his Parable of the Dancer musicals, the consistent theme is the Beloved's passionate pursuit of His bride and her love for Him.

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