Subjects Covered

As you move forward in your destiny, you'll need tools to help you grow into that call. In the School of the Bible courses, you'll study Foundations in Faith, Pillars of Truth, and the Life and Ministry of Jesus. Here is a sampling of what you'll be working on, during these courses: 

  • Creation
  • Temptation
  • The Fall
  • Redemption
  • What is the Bible
  • What Should We Do With the Bible
  • Whole and Holy
  • Sanctified
  • Holy Spirit, Holy Life
  • Created to Worship
  • Come and Worship, Royal Priesthood
  • Transformed As We Worship
  • Royal Priests
  • Gifted Priests
  • The Purposed Life
  • And More...

Study Questions
Each week after watching the lesson live or recorded and/or reading the lesson, there will be related study questions to reinforce your understanding.

Each trimester there will be a:

Ministry Presentation Assignment - Video Upload
Either create a dance, mime, human video, or some sort of presentation that would be done on a platform that relates to one of the topics in this month's study. OR Find one on Youtube, done by someone else. Write or speak about how it relates to the message and paste its link in Moodle and the private Facebook page.

and a:

Ministry Activation Assignment - Written
Based on that month's bible study, choose one of the topics and create a related ministry activation. Paste your (minimum 200 word) essay in Moodle. 



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