Video Testimonials

Here is a bit of encouragement from a student who completed the Level 3 Course in only 6 months and she did everything with a spirit of excellence! I hope this helps you in your prayerful decision process...

From Deborah Collier ~ As soon as I received the materials, I began the work.   I studied two hours per day, 5 days a week.   While watching a video, I took notes and immediately began my essay at the completion of the video.  I used sentences from the essay for my reviews.  I would pray about the activations, and work them out on the weekend, some evenings instead of studying I would do videos.  I read the prayer books, 1 per semester, highlighting in yellow points I wanted to remember.  The transforming journey, I would read chapters at leisure, when something resonated, I would take notes and begin an essay.  Activations and moves of the month, since you have the camera up, you can film 2 at a time or even more. 

I also have a very supportive AP, Lisa Heimbach.  She is a God send and a blessing!  
In essence the key to completing the work is consistency and no procrastination.  Be on a schedule and keep to the schedule.    Even when I went to Jamaica, I ensured that I brought my lap top to write a few essays right there on the beach.   Pastor Lynn, my first two years my mother was dying and my husband was dying. However,  I never turned in a late assignment.   This time I did not have those issues,  it was me and God, I wanted to do my best as He was the one who gave me the strength to continue on. 

It can be done in the time frame allotted.   There are no excuses.  I am blessed to work full time, to lead a ministry, and I do  volunteer work! (and many other things)   It can be done, and I loved every moment of it! God bless you! 

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