Alumni Conference Participation

The school has grown exponentially, since first offering the benefit of attending subsequent DFH conferences for free. It has become obviously apparent that this opportunity needs some major guidelines, exceptions and boundaries. So, after thought and prayer, here is the plan...

1. Free or discounted conference attendance, post graduation from level 2 is limited to graduates from 2015 and prior. 

2. While you are encouraged to attend as many conferences and retreats as possible, for your further growth and understanding, there will only be allowed one "free/discounted" conference per calendar year.

3. Also, only the first 5 alumni who register with a code, at a particular conference will receive the discount. Since you need to request a code for each conference to get its particular discount, you will know if 5 others will have registered before you. Thanks for understanding this.

4. Since part of being certified/licensed through DFH is about supporting the ministry as you feel led and are able, then registering for a conference goes a long way toward your generous, supportive seeding into the ministry. Thank you!

5. What constitutes a conference where you may get a code?

a. One where I am teaching the entire 'normal' DFH conference. 

b. Exclusions: 

  • Retreats and events where I am one of the instructors/teachers
  • Level 3 CEI Conferences, Retreats and DFH Studio events
  • Graduation conferences/retreats
  • Different types of specialty conferences (prophetic/video, etc.)
  • Where I am an instructor at someone else's event
  • Where I am one of many instructors at someone's event
  • Conferences where there are DFH instructors other than myself
  • Also, a conference where there will be 'free' garments or flags, worship implements, etc., which is typically a graduation conference. This is simply because a video conference, particularly where items are given away are somewhat complicated and costly.

Basically, it is only good for a regular DFH conference with all the regular topics, where I am teaching.

6. When to ask for the code and register?

a. It would be best to register on or before the 'Early or Extra Early Savings Date.' Otherwise, should you register later, only the amount of the earliest savings will be deducted from your registration fee. 

Prices will change over the years, as will the codes and there will be different types of events throughout the years. So you will need to ask for a new code for each conference.

I hope to still see you all at as many conferences and events as possible. Your presence there and support means so much to me. Thank you for understanding and growing with Dancing For Him!

Many blessings!
Pastor Lynn