"PRE" Payment Plan

Those who desire to join the Dancing For Him On Line School, may make an initial payment of $149, then subsequent incremental payments of $100 before school begins.

This pre-payment option is available from January 11th through December 10th of the current school year, to be applied to the session that begins January 10th of the following year. Payments must be completed on or before December 10th. There will be absolutely no exceptions nor extensions.

The payments are non-refundable. Therefore, if you do not complete your entire tuition by December 10th, what will have been paid may not be applied to another school year and will become a donation to DFH. I strongly suggest beginning early if you plan on going this route.

Sometime between December 31st and January 10th, you will be notified about an orientation video chat. This will help you prepare because there will be assignments due every month (with suggested weekly due dates) and you'll want to be ready to get started right away and know what to expect.  

We will put your name on a secondary roster and keep track of your payments. Once you will have completed your payments, paying your tuition in full, you will be considered fully enrolled. Then on or around January 10th, we will create a folder for you and put you on the primary roster. You will then also receive your welcome letter, student information page link, Moodle software password and private Facebook page invitation. More specifically, payments will secure your place in class, as there will only be a limited number allowed per year. However, you will not be considered fully registered until tuition has been paid in full (on or before December 10th). 

You may make your pre-payments initially for $149, then in multiples of $100 by putting a 2, 3 or 4 in the quantity box upon check out. In other words, the check out process recognizes how many $100 multiples you desire. If you put 1 in the quantity box, you will be charged $100. If you put a 2 in the quantity box, you will be charged $200 and so on. There is also a place to select the initial $149 payment.

I strongly urge you to please read all the informational links about the school before registering. However, you may register here:

CLICK HERE to pay in full ($649), on or before December 10th.

CLICK HERE to pay in full, on or before November 10th (save $100).

CLICK HERE to make pre-payments ($149 down, then $100 increments).