Website and Facebook checking


Each week, you'll be assigned portions of the Dancing For Him web site through which to systematically read and critique.

You'll also be asked to "Like" the Dancing For Him Ministries Facebook page and make positive comments to posts. No need to check for comments on reviews.

Please also share the posts to other sites or groups. You basically copy the information and paste it, including the URL link from the particular DFH web page.

Finally, you'll be asked to visit particular conference pages in the DFH web site, as well as the DFH Facebook conference page to post positive comments, share and like.

All of this activity will help you be familiar with DFH (your licensing organization). But more so, it will help you get familiar with a functioning web site and with Facebook, to help you with your own ministry.


Share means for example, if you see a quote, conference flier, something I may have written, etc., there is a place at the bottom of that item where you may click share. This will make that article, picture, etc. go to your page, thus sharing it with your friends. Please don't feel you have to share the same conference with your friends every week. The idea is to share the conference maybe once, but more importantly share the little messages, and items of interest.

Also, please share or post conference links on as many social media sites as you can find. For example, if you are a member of say, Liturgical Dance Network or Dancing Preachers NING, you might make a comment there about one of the upcoming conferences. You might say, I can't wait to go to the Dancing For Him Ministries' conference in New York in May. It is going to be awesome! Then be sure you copy and paste the actual conference link there. This is the "URL" at the very, very top of every web page. You simply highlight the entire link, then copy and paste it to the place you are sharing. 

If another student has already shared the link there, you may just want to post the comment.

To get the appropriate link, go to the web site, to conferences. Click on the particular conference. Highlight the entire link in the browser bar at the very top of the page. Copy that link into the social media sites, as many as you can find. Be mindful, though, if someone else has already posted that link, again, just share a brief comment instead, under the other students' link and comment. Thanks!

Finding Pages (DFH/FB)

Here is the Dancing For Him Web page:

Inside of the DFH Web page is the Conference page where the conferences are listed:

To find the Dancing For Him Ministries Face book page: Scroll to the very bottom of the DFH web site and you'll see an "F." This is the Facebook icon. Click on it and it will take you directly to the Dancing For Him Ministries' Face book page. OR go to and search for Dancing for Him ministries. OR, just CLICK HERE. You'll see a big red bar that says, "Expressing the Father's Heart." Right under that it says "Like." Click on that. Then each week, as per your assignment, make a comment on something on there, share it, maybe post your school graduation certificate picture with you holding it or a picture from one of the DFH conferences you attended, etc. Basically just try to be involved. If you'd like something to comment on, there is always something posted on Thursdays. It is usually a nice discussion question. You don't have to share every single thing from the DFH page onto your personal page. But if there is a quote or a conference announcement or something, please pass it along to others and on others' social networks. Thanks!

To find the DFH Facebook Conference listing, click on "Events," which is located sort of under the "Like" button. 

So, really, there are only two sites to check: DFH Web and DFH FB. 

Checking Web/FB Errors

An example of a Facebook event error might be: Pastor Lynn, I see in your web site on the conference page you have a certain conference listed, but that same conference does not show up in the FB events page. OR maybe, this particular conference does not have a location listed, or maybe the start and ending times are incorrect, etc.  

The purpose of all this is to help you first understand what Dancing For Him ministries is all about. To see the details and intricacies of an active long term web site. To give you an idea of what a web site/Facebook page could look like for your ministry. To be aware of what conferences or events are going on both on the web site and in Facebook. Finally, to help me tweak the site for a spirit of excellence and to spread the word about events, etc. You'll look for inconsistencies, typos, phrasing, wrong dates, etc. Many viewers make accurate pages :)

Here is an example of an inconsistency in the DVD product page:

 Can you find what's wrong or inconsistent? 


The answer is that the word "Intermediate" on the last one comes after the word DOWNLOAD and it should be before it. This has long been fixed on the web site, but it is just to give you an idea.

Anyway, each week, you will be assigned different parts of the web page to discover what the ministry is all about and if you see any mistakes, have any suggestions, etc. please let me know in the form text box when you submit your web checks. Thanks. 

Please just put Web Check 1 or Web Check 2 or Web Check 3 or Web Check 4 in the appropriate place in Moodle (each week respectively). With that, we will assume you will have looked, checked, liked, shared, commented, etc.

Only put something in the body of the Moodle text box if you have any suggestions, or saw any mistakes that need to be corrected. If you do want to make a comment in the text box, please put OPEN next to the Web Check number. This will let me know to read the submission. I will know that you found a mistake and want to tell me about it. Thanks. 

When you send a correction, please include the link for which page it is and then give a very specific location for the mistake. There are many, many pages in this web site. So that will make it easier to find. Thanks!

Basically, each week you'll be actively viewing and participating in several aspects of Dancing For Him Ministries.

To summarize what a Web Check is:

1. Looking into the assigned Facebook conference, like and making comment

2. Looking at the DFH Facebook page, like and comment on a post

3. Copying a particular informational blurb or quote or something especially that Pastor Lynn posts and paste it to some worship dance group pages in FB, along with the associated link.

4. Reading the assigned page in the DFH website and looking for mistakes or inconsistencies. 

Writing "Web Check 1" in the body of the appropriate SUBMIT HERE link, next to the particular assignment indicates that you will have done all of these things that week. Aside from that, you only write in the text box any mistakes you may have found.

Web Check Summary

To summarize, only putting Web Check 1 in the box in Moodle, will mean that you will have done basically all of these things below during week 1 of that particular month (for example). But all you need to put is Web Check 1 in the box and we will know you did all of this each week.  Unless you share a suggestion or a mistake, we won't respond. Thanks!

Web Check Summary (remember, you do not need to write this in the box). This summary is for you.:

Checked home page and links
Liked something in the DFH FB page, shared (on your own FB page and in other social media pages) and made comment
Checked Feb and March conferences listed on web site
Checked Feb and March conferences listed on DFH FB Events, liked and made comment
Submitted reviews for Artistic Worship (both places)
Worked with AP

Again, you do not need to put anything in the box except Web Check 1 or 2, etc. That will mean you will have done all of the above during that respective week. The only time you'd write something else in the box is when you notice an inconsistency and you want to tell us  about it. 

By placing in the box words that say, "Web Check 1" etc., that tells us that you will have done all the web checks.

ONLY write in the text box (in addition to Web Check 1 or 2, etc.) if you found a mistake. No need to email me. Thanks!

It also means for all Levels, that you communicated with your AP.  

AP Check

Students - A performance evaluation about your AP will be required at the end of each semester, to be sent to Tanya Perez.

APs - A performance evaluation about your student will be required at the end of each month, to be sent to Tanya Perez.

Please simply submit an AP Check via email to Tanya. Simply type AP Check in the subject line. If you want to make any comments about a particular student's feelings or progress in the letter as well, you may. To indicate that you'd like to say something, please put OPEN in the subject line. Otherwise they will only see that AP check was done and not read it. Thanks!

At the end of the month, Tanya will mark on the AP online chart, that an AP Check will have been sent.

To reiterate, you only need to read your mentee's essays and any sort of written assignments, sending your positive comments back to them. No need to send your comments to Pastor Lynn or Tanya. You would watch and make positive comments on their videos as well. So, no need to concern yourself with their web checks or their chat questions or their reviews or anything other than their written assignments and videos. Thanks!