Our group video chats will be on the 2nd and 4th Sundays from 7-9PM EST. It is possible that the dates may change periodically, if I am out of town on a ministry trip or if something comes up. In which case, I will notify you on the Level 1 Facebook page. 

Currently, the scheduled chats are located on the calendar in Moodle for Levels 1 and 3. I also posted all the dates for level 2 in your level 2 Facebook page. These may still be subject to change, but for now, that is the schedule. 

Side note: It is wise for everyone to keep notifications "on" for the Level 1 page, even after you will have graduated, as I will make general school announcements to all students and alumni in the level 1 page and not always copy and paste it to Level 2 and alumni pages. 

How and Where to Send Chat Questions

Please post to Moodle, your question or discussion idea at least 3 days before the chat.

All levels, please simply insert your questions into Moodle, in the appropriate place. No need to email it to anyone.

You do NOT need to send your AP your phone chat question.

If you post your question that day, it will be discussed on another chat time. Please post them at least 3 days before.

If you try to email me, write in Facebook or call about something before the chat or are having difficulty getting on the chat, please know that I will either be in prayer right before the chat or during the chat I will be focusing on what people are saying and will not be able to look at email. More than likely, I would not see your email, FB message or hear your phone message until the next morning. If you have difficulty getting on the chat, please refer back to this page's instructions or go to our FB page to seek the help of another student (realistically, though, they should be on the chat too, not on FB:)). You'll get the hang of it soon enough.

What A Question is Like

  1. The question should be something that perhaps has been on your heart and not necessarily that I would have the answer, but an interesting topic that we may all discuss. This could be about the course material currently being studied, or about dance ministry, team ministry or anything related to worship dance. Initially, too, now that we have access to view the web site, during a chat, you may ask questions about assignments and I can show you where that answer is located in the website.
  2. Here are some examples of previous questions: 
    1. Pastor Lynn there are several dance ministers & dance ministries that seem to frown upon "taking classes". Making statements like: "I haven't had classes & don't need them." Or "God is my dance teacher etc." How would you explain or express to a group or an individual that seems against classes the benefit of "traditional training?"
    2. How many times/week should I exercise?
    3. Is it the right thing to do as a team leader to have a strict policy for missed rehearsals?  Since we normally have about 6  (2 hour) rehearsals for special presentation dances, I will allow no more than 2 excused absences (with a phone call prior to practice).  If one exceeds this, that dancer usually has to sit that presentation out.  Is this appropriate to do with youth dancers as well as with adults?
    4. What is your relationship with your worship team? You see in my heart we should all be working together. I was recently added to their private Facebook page and I'm always welcome to their practices but my question is how do I build a relationship with them? What have you experienced in the past? 
    5. Hi Pastor Lynn, I like to draw strength and encouragement from other women and their accomplishments, especially Christian women.  You've shared with us the story of your first dance classes and the flyers you  mailed that resulted in the first random call that came; but can you tell us more about the progression of Dancing for Him Ministries as it relates to the books and videos you've authored and the conferences you've designed?  Has this all been an evolution over time or did you sit down and plan everything out as one would with a business plan?  I can't imagine you sat down and wrote all the books first then launched, but at the same time, the incredible patience you must have had to exercise while God showed you his will for your life must have been stressful!  I'm not so much concerned with the specific elements themselves (i.e. the books, videos, conferences, dance school, etc.), but the journey you have taken to get where you are today.  Can you share about your journey and the character God built in you concerning perseverance; the challenges you have faced; and how you have overcome, etc.?  Thank you!
  3. Please place only one question per month. If you want to write a long explanation to me or something, please put that in an email. Please have only the one question in Moodle and nothing else. Do not submit several questions at once. Submit ONLY one chat question at a time. Thanks!
  4. Currently, there are a total of 8 questions for the school year required. However, depending on the number of students who register, we will decide at the very beginning of the semester, if that number should be fewer. We will make that determination between January and February. You'll be notified in Facebook on the Level 1 page.
  5. While I can not guarantee that I will personally answer each one, we will discuss all the questions during the chat.
  6. If you send in chat questions or assignments all at once at the end of a semester, know that they will probably not be read or discussed. Please try to turn things in when they are due to gain the most benefit from the school. Thanks.

How The Chat Runs - What to Expect

  1. Since there are so many students, we will discuss the first half of the class' questions that come in on the first chat of the month and discuss the rest of the questions on the next chat, taking them in the order they will have been sent. But they are due 3 days before the first chat.
  2. If for some reason you can not make it at the call time, you may watch the recording the next day or shortly thereafter. If you are out of the country or in another distant time zone, it is totally understandable. You may also listen to/watch the previous recordings, as they have been very helpful. I suggest listening within two weeks and feel free to make comments about the call on the Face book page, if you like.
  3. There is no need to announce on FB that you can not make the call. Please just try to be on the chat.
  4. While a good system, it is not perfect, nor am I. There may be times when the chat accidentally or mechanically does not record. Thank you for grace. 
  5. Lord willing, the chat/webinar will be posted on the Level I FB page typically the next day.
  6. Please make your presence known, if you are calling. Don't just sit quietly. We want to know you are on the call. We want to hear from everyone. Please share something. Your input is valuable. In the first about 3 minutes, I'll take a roll call. Then I'll ask someone to open in prayer. If you join the call after we will have prayed, please let us know you are on the call (if you are on the phone). We'll see you when you appear on the visual webinar. It is ideal to be on the webinar and not the phone. We all want to see you:)
  7. To get things started, I'll share one of the questions. Then I will call on someone to answer. Don't panic! Even if you have no clue, please just take a deep breath and share what you would do in a given situation. It is always wonderful to hear how much wisdom people have (even if they don't think they do).  We will all be so blessed by what YOU have to say. You may even surprise yourself at what God has given you. What you have to say is important. We want to, by the end of the webinar, hear from each and every person who is on. 
  8. Once someone shares, it is OK if one, maybe two others share about that topic. Please just remember to say your name before you speak, so we can get to know you, especially in the beginning. Also, please allow others to share as well. In other words, if you are one who really likes to share, please offer the floor to others after you've had opportunity to share. On the other hand, if you are typically shy, please do not be afraid to say something. What you have to say is valuable! Thanks. 
  9. Some questions are specifically and obviously directed to me, so I will answer them. The chats are not about me having all the answers, but this is a group discussion. So, we can all share and learn from each other. Although, I tend to follow up with an answer too. 

I think the chats are just about everyone's favorite part of the course. We all find so much support, encouragement, ideas and information there. 

Important Initial Introductory Chat

Our first phone chat in January, will be primarily dedicated to going over the guidelines page for you. Please try to be in-front of a computer while you listen to the first call, if at all possible, so we can go over everything. Again, I encourage you to please try to read this entire guidelines page 2-3 times before the chat.  Also, write down questions as you go through the pages. So, on the chat, we may answer or clarify for you. Thanks!

How to Get on the Chat

Again, it is very simple to get onto the chat/video, simply click on the link or call the number that you'll see posted on your respective level's Facebook page. I'll probably post the invitation the day before or even right up to 15 minutes before the scheduled chat time. Here's what the invitation looks like again:

I look forward to seeing you on the chat!!

We are now using a new program called, "Zoom.US," where we can not only chat, hearing each other, but it is also a video chat/webinar format. So we can see each other as well!!

As for the new program, you'll see a notice similar to this in the Level I Facebook page, about a day or two before the chat. Sometimes it will be posted on the day of the chat:

To join the meeting, it is pretty simple. Either click on the link or call. 

It is very, very important to "mute" your screen, unless you are going to speak. There is a microphone button for that. Or mute your phone (if you are only calling).

I absolutely love this new program because we get to see each other:)

I look forward to seeing you on the webinars!

Many blessings...