Video Assignments

You will eventually (over the course of the several school years, should you continue) do a video upload of yourself teaching one concept or exercise from each and every video (currently 33). There are some books and DVD's with the same or similar title.

Remember: You do not need to do a video upload for any books, only for the DVD's. With some of the DVD's that have similar book titles, you may use the book in your video, but there is no need to do an upload for any book. 

Notes: Relax. Enjoy.

  • It doesn't have to be perfect or really long. We only want to see that you will have watched the video by demonstrating one concept.
  • No need to teach several exercises.
  • No need to do both sides.
  • No need to do it with music (unless it is part of the assignment).
  • It doesn't need to be long. In fact, if it is more than 6 minutes, more than likely no one will watch it except your AP. People take one look at the time or length and if they see 10 minutes for example, they will just go on to another one to watch. Or people will just skim through it. It is nice when everyone can watch everyone's videos. We really get to know one another and there will be so much love and encouragement once they see it and comment. So please try to keep it somewhere between 3-6 minutes. 

The other purpose of the video uploads is to see and hear you teach.

So, please do not hold up cards or paper with what should be your words

Do not use titles, scrolling text or anything fancy or added, especially that would disguise your voice.

We want to see and hear you teach something from the video. 

What to Video

Video tape yourself teaching one exercise from an assigned DVD.

Using the Ballet DVD, for example: Tendu - You could hold onto a chair, railing, dresser, etc. and explain and show how to do the exercise, like on the video. It is not necessary to do the exercise on both sides or even with music. An explanation and brief demonstration of how to execute it will be fine. You may choose any of the exercises on the video. This same type of thing may be done for all the active video uploads. Please do not explain first and then show. Rather teach and talk while you are doing the explanation. Please do not just show the exercises. We must see and HEAR you explaining the exercise as you are doing it. 

Upon completion, you'll be receiving a "Teacher's Certificate." Therefore we must see and hear you "Teach!"

  • Please do not put scrolling or any kind of text.
  • Don't let fancy editing tools do the explaining for you. 
  • Please do not dub your voice in afterward. 
  • If the assignment is a video that is an entire dance, please "teach" a portion of it, not just dance it.
  • Please don't write, "sit up straight." Please say it.  Thanks. 

You may see many examples from previous students on the Facebook page in a tab at the top of the page that says, "Photo." Or just scroll way down the page to see what others have done. No need to reinvent the wheel and come up with your own exercises here. The idea is to show me that you will have studied the material at hand. Not all uploads in the past were done correctly. You will be able to tell which ones followed directions. 

Important Video Tips

  • If you are using music, put it far away from the camera. If the music is by the camera, it will be too loud and we will not be able to hear your voice. Thanks. If you like playing music in the background while you speak, please turn it way down so we may hear your voice. If you are just speaking, it is preferred that you do not have any music playing in the background. Thank you.
  • Video tape yourself up close to the camera, so we may hear your voice and see your face.
  • Please face the camera. No need to do the exercises in opposition, like you are facing a mirror, but if you want that challenge, that is fine.
  • Please be in a well lit room or out doors.  
  • If you are outdoors, keep in mind that sometimes wind blows into your camera phone and we can not hear you. Please review your video before uploading it to check how it looks and sounds. 
  • Also, do not stand in front of a window or light. It is always better to have any light in front of you (not behind you), so we may see your face. Thanks. This is so important!!
  • It is a good idea to experiment with part of something and test it to see how it looks or sounds before uploading. If it is dark and we can't see you, we will ask you to repeat and upload again. 
  • Less is actually better. I just want to get a sense that you've watched the video. So, please keep it only about 4-6 minutes. Please keep in mind that alumni graduates will be watching a lot of uploads. So the shorter the better (but at least 4 minutes). Thanks.


Many of you took a more professional approach to your videos in level one and that is to be commended. This year, though, let's take it up a notch by being mindful of your background, lighting, sound quality, no text, teaching your concepts, more movement, etc. 

Try to have a blank wall with no furniture behind you. 

Make sure when doing movement, that we can see your whole body.

During your introduction, please say, "Hi, my name is... and I'll be teaching from the XYZ video by Pastor Lynn Hayden and Dancing For Him Ministries." Hold up the video while you say that.

If you are doing editing transitions, try not to chop off the end of 'Ministries' when you talk. In other words, you may want to pause for a few more seconds before stopping the camera or don't edit so closely to your words. When you put a transition in, remember it will cut about 2 seconds into the video. So after you say 'ministries,' please keep a few seconds on the film before cutting it. Then your transitions will be smooth and will not chop off your words. 

IMPORTANT: Please do not use copyrighted music. You may use DFH music, "Having Done All" or "Breath of Life."

If you will have followed these guidelines, then your video may possibly be chosen for the upcoming, "DFH Movement Connection." This will be a site where people may go and choose clips from which to learn.

Level I students who do exceptional work and follow these guidelines, may also be chosen as well.

I can not guarantee that everyone will get chosen. Only outstanding videos with good content and nice backgrounds/lighting, etc. 

Have fun with it!!

Where and How to Post Uploads

  1. All Levels - Videos get uploaded first to Youtube. Then you copy the 'share link' to your level's private Facebook page - The private Facebook page for Level I is called, Level 1 DFH School. For Level 2, it is: Level 2 DFH School ; For Level 3, it is: Level 3 DFH School. You will be invited to the appropriate level.
  2. You will also then paste that same Youtube share link to your Moodle page.
  3. The Facebook page is 'closed' to avoid non-students from requesting to join. Therefore, we will invite you to join either by email or your Facebook name. So, it would be important that we know your Facebook page's name and have your correct email address. You'll receive an email from Facebook with a direct link to the page. Once you accept, we'll see your request on the page. Then either Renee or I will accept you and you'll be in.
  4. Please do not invite or accept anyone to come in to the page. Also, please do not alter any page settings, descriptions, etc. You shouldn't be able to, as only admins have access, but somehow people have been able to. So, to be on the safe side, please do not alter the page's settings or description. Thanks.
  5. If you do not already have a Facebook page, go to and create a username and password. Make sure your Facebook page is listed as "Public" (at least until you get into the school page). 
  6.  Please feel free to go in and watch what some of the other students have done, to give you an idea. Some of them did not keep it short. Please remember to try for 4-6 minutes. Thanks. The good ones kept them short, to the point and followed the assignment directions very carefully, utilizing the DFH product examples. You may go to the very top of our private Facebook page and see past ones in the photo tab, as I mentioned before.
  7. Please try to put the title of the video in Facebook. If it won't work for you as you paste your Youtube link, please put the assignment title in the first comment below the video. It is not necessary to put the title inside the video. The title needs to be above or below the video so the person recording your assignments may simply look at the title and not have to watch the video to figure out which one it is. Thanks.
  8. Upload your video assignment to YouTube and copy and paste the URL into the Facebook page. It is important (and required) to post both to Facebook and Moodle to get credit for the assignment.
  9. When uploading please title the assignment exactly as given. Write the title in the post, even if it looks redundant. Please set your YouTube video privacy to public or unlisted (not private). We will not be able to watch your shared youtube linked videos when set to "link only" or "private." Thank you for your cooperation. It is very unlikely that the general public will see your video.
  10. When you upload to YouTube, simply click the 'share' button under your video. Copy the link into the respective Level's Face book page and write in the comments box what the title is. 
  11. If you have trouble uploading/posting, please feel free to post your difficulty and request help in the Facebook student page, so other students may help you. Or, of course, ask your AP.
  12. For your credit, in addition to the particular person who will be checking Facebook for your credit, various alumni graduates will be watching and commenting on your uploads. Please "tag" your AP.  Pastor Lynn will be watching a sampling of each person's video uploads, in Facebook.
  13. I encourage everyone to make nice, positive, encouraging comments on your fellow class mates' videos. For Tagging instructions, please see below. 
  14. I can't tell you how valuable this APP is to everyone. It creates such a wonderful bond between us as we support and encourage one another. Please try to comment or "like" everyone's and not just the ones who are more advanced. Please find something encouraging to say even to the ones who may not have experience. It is so helpful and encouraging and fosters such unity, love, camaraderie. 

Instructions on how to "tag" a person on Facebook status and comments

Please “tag” your accountability partner (AP) when you upload and post your video assignments.  (This info is accurate and functional at the time of writing--January, 2015. Facebook (FB) may change tag features in the future, making this document obsolete.) 

For those who don't know how to tag people on FB. It's quite simple. Just type the person you want to tag. For example, say you want to tag your AP for the next video assignment.

1. After pasting the URL/sharing from YouTube into Facebook’s “Level 1 DFH School” group page,

2. be sure to give it an assignment title (ie. Creative Worship DVD upload),

3. and then type your AP's name, making sure it "lights up" and is selected. 

Example: My AP is Tanya Lisa Perez. When I start typing the word “Tanya,” Facebook opens a small drop-down box with name suggestions of members in the group. Make sure you capitalize the first letter of the name when you type, and type only the first name.  (If you put a space after the name, the drop-down box disappears) Pick and click on the correct person you want.  So, for me, I type "Tanya" and click on Tanya Lisa Perez when it appears in the drop-down box.  Her name is now in the comment box, and I can see a faded blue highlighted box around the name, which indicates I have successfully tagged her. If the faded blue box is missing, I have failed to tag the person.  I must try again.  After your status or comment is posted, the tagged person's name will be appear in bold lettering.  

The purpose of the tag is to let FB notify that person to come look at what you posted. This is very helpful for assignments and also conversations. You may also “tag” people in comments.  If you only want to include only their first name in the tag, you may delete their last name after you’ve tagged their full name,but make sure their first name has the blue highlighted box around it.  (Note: some older versions of Facebook don’t show the drop-down box immediately, you have to type an @ sign in front of the name you want to tag)

Also, there is LIKE button included with every comment box.  It is in small blue letters under a post or comment.  When you click LIKE on the post/comment, this will notify the commenting person that you have read their comment, and you “like” it.  It also serves as common courtesy, and acknowledges that you have read it.  The word LIKE will change to UNLIKE after you clicked LIKE.  This is an option for you to undo your LIKE, if you accidentally clicked it, or you changed your mind. A thumbs up mark will appear and indicate how many people liked the comment. 

God bless you on your journey with Dancing for Him Ministries!

by Sarah Lin (A DFH Student)

Your Introductory Upload

Sometime after December 31st, once everyone has registered and I've completed the administration for everyone, I'll send an email announcing when we will have our first phone chat for orientation. Any time on or before January 31st, you will upload your first video of introduction. 

This is where you can practice all the tips mentioned above. But more importantly, it is a time where we can hear and see you! We can find out a little about you. So the focus of the 4-6 minute video will be:

  • Your name
  • Where you live
  • The name of your ministry, if you have one or maybe the name of the ministry of which you are a part, if any and the church
  • Maybe a bit about your dance experience, if any.
  • When or how you knew you were called to dance
  • Now, remember... the Bible says it is not wise to compare ourselves among ourselves. So if you listen to someone talk about the vast experiences in dance and you've had no experience at all, don't let that bother you. You are a unique individual with a call to dance before our Lord and anyone with a heart of worship can dance for Him no matter what the skill level. 'nuf said:)
  • Finally why you decided to take this course and what you hope to gain from completing it. 
  • Level 2 and alumni, please also post yours on the level 1 FB page and say for whom you are an AP, so they will get to know you a little too.