Product Reviews

Please read below first, then you will find the video to be most helpful (reinforcing). The written explanation is more comprehensive. But the video is there as a supplement for visual learners.

THE VIDEO TO THE RIGHT IS VERY CLEAR IN YOUTUBE. When you click on the video, the YouTube logo will show at the bottom. Click on it and watch it in HD inside of Youtube. My first comments talk about seeing this page, but if you watch in Youtube, of course, you won't be able to see this page.

Your semester directions say put reviews in '2 places,' that means...

For each product, 1 review in the hard copy version and one in the download version.


You will find 'Write a Review' at the bottom of each product's description page, in the DFH web site, in the online store. For each book and DVD, there are both the regular hard copies of an item (like a disc or book you could put in your hand)  and next to it on that DVD or book product page (respectively), you will also see a downloadable version available. 


Six Parts

  1. Where it says Review Title. That is NOT where you put the video's title again, as that is already listed. This is where you make a bold comment like, "Wow! Great Video!" or "Helped me tremendously!" Or "So many creative ideas." or "Power packed!" or "Learned so much!" or "Excellent teaching!" You get the idea...
  2. 5 stars are appreciated:)
  3. Then select how long you've had the product.
  4. Please write 2-3 short sentences on how you felt about the product, as if you were enthusiastically telling a friend. There is no need to reiterate its description, but rather what you liked about the product or how it helped you. Please put it in both the physical copy and the downloaded version of each product. For example: You'd want to put one here (hard copy version) and here. (download version). As you view these links, you may read what others have written for ideas. 
  5. It is important to add either your first initial and last name OR your first name w/last initial in the "Nickname" section, so we will know to whom credit goes. Thanks.
  • Once you place it in one, you may copy what you will have just written and paste it in the other version in the DFH site.
  • Also, please try not to make it sound like a commercial, but more so, your enthusiastic review of why or how well you liked it.
  • Please do not put any numbers in the review. Example: please don't say, this DVD has 29 exercises or 28 counts of 8, etc.
  • You will receive credit for each one, but I can not guarantee that each one will show up on the product page. I will only post ones that really stand out.
  • The reviews automatically come to me and I can either approve or forward to the review manager as a 'no-post.' Even if it is a no post, you'll get credit for it. Please don't be concerned if yours doesn't get posted. It could mean that we already have several that sound similar or too many came in at once for me to read.
  • At the end of each week, the review manager will scroll down and look at all the reviews to see if you will have posted, for your credit. 
  • No need to email us about your review posting. They automatically come to me and the ones that do not get posted, I'll forward to the review manager. The ones that do get posted, the review grader will see on the web site. Either way, you'll get credit for doing them.
  • It would be nice if you would go to other products in the store and review them too, like the "one of everything pack" or some music or other books, etc. Thanks! Once you get the hang of it, this will be easy. You just write your review once, then copy and paste it into the download version.

Review Examples:  

  • Oh my! Pastor Lynn really out did herself on this one. It is chock full of ideas that really helped me and my dance ministry team! This video has so much wisdom. I've gleaned many nuggets that have helped my team grow in spiritual maturity. 
  • Or I absolutely love this book! I never knew there were so many scriptures associated with movement found in the Word. This is such an incredible resource! I will be referring to this over and over again. 
  • Or What a wealth of information is contained on this video!! Whenever I get stuck in my choreography, I refer back to it. I always discover something new. There is that much information! Pastor Lynn instructs so clearly with so many helpful corrections. After practicing this video at home, I now feel more comfortable to go take a class at a local studio. 
You see, I didn't even talk about what was in a certain product. I didn't reiterate the description. I did not talk about how many exercises. I just raved about the product in general and how it helped me.
By the way, most of my products are in Amazon. It would be nice to have some unbiased reviews there too from you or a family member, While posting reviews in Amazon is not a requirement or even a request, but if you feel led, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and blessings!
Here are a few more good examples:

B. McAlister

5 out of 5 stars by B. McAlister on November 30th 2012

Choreography I Tips & Techniques - DVD - Updated!

Length of ownership: 1 month-1 year

Pros: This DVD really helped me to get going with my choreography because of the simple presentation. It made choreography a much more straightforward and much less overwhelming undertaking.

Nanette Boyer

5 out of 5 stars by Nanette Boyer on August 31st 2011

Choreography I Tips & Techniques - DVD - Updated!

Length of ownership: 1 month-1 year

Pros: Wow! This video has given me tons of new ideas on how to make a dance more effective and interesting! This DVD is a great addition to the book because it shows demonstrations of each concept presented. You will not want to do another dance until you get this DVD!!! I love how it shows dancers of different levels doing amazing choreography that is so interesting and captivating. Love it!

Cons: None!

Lisa DB

5 out of 5 stars by Lisa DB on November 26th 2012

Awakening Passion - DVD

Length of ownership: more than 1 year

Pros: By watching Awaken Passion you will get an excellent and clear example of the difference between dancing as performance and dance as ministry. If you desire to dance so that God moves through you to touch others, the Awakening Passion will show you how to moving in the anointing can be done beautifully without complicated technical moves.

Cons: none- you will be blessed

Plus, you may always scroll down and read other reviews to get a good idea of how to write one.